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 The life of a vagabond has a lot of charm! Freedom, spontaneity, freedom and independence are tempting. Especially during the holidays. We then have more time, and thus also the desire to visit previously unknown corners of Poland or Europe. And when we take care of a comfortable "hotel on wheels", a smile appears on the face by itself.

People of all ages can be tempted to such a vacation. Young people are known to be adventurous. Tourists at a mature age - finally have time to take care of themselves and make their dreams come true. But also families with children may be fed up with rest in hotels or boarding houses and would like to try something more interesting. And this is precisely the possibility of traveling in a motorhome or a car with a caravan.

Importantly, you do not need your own tourist vehicle to go on such a trip. For example, people from the southern part of Poland - especially from Silesia - can rent new caravans and campers in Katowice . The rental company's offer is all the more interesting as Caravans-Mika is also an authorized dealer of the Bürstner brand . Renting a vehicle can also be a great way to test your camper or trailer model before making a purchase.

Bürstner motorhomes

The rental company from Silesia offers four models of motorhomes for rent. Those who would like to sleep in a classic camper with an alcove, i.e. with a sleeping niche above the driver and passenger seats, should like the Lyseo Time A model.


It is a very economical solution, because the cost of renting this motorhome is the lowest in the entire offer (from PLN 300 in the low season to PLN 520 in the high season), and at the same time up to six people can travel in this vehicle. As a result, the rental cost per person may turn out to be surprisingly low (even PLN 50 per night).

The longer version of the Time A model measures 707 cm, the shorter one - 652 cm. a large bathroom with a shower and a spacious interior layout. In the longer version, the bed in the back is double, in the shorter version there are single beds in a bunk arrangement that is very popular with children.

At the opposite price point, we find the fully integrated Lyseo Time I 728 G model. The car will provide a comfortable accommodation for up to four people, with a fold-down double bed in the front and two single beds in the back. Interestingly, in this model, the shower cubicle has been separated from the bathroom opposite. The kitchen is conveniently shaped like the letter L. The length of the motorhome is 743 cm. In the low season, we will pay PLN 650 for the vehicle, in the medium season - PLN 750, and in the high season - PLN 800.


The motorhome rental in Katowice also offers semi-integrated models without alcoves - Ixeo Time "Edition 30" 726 G and Ixeo 728 G. The first model is shorter and cheaper. Its dimensions are: 714 x 230 x 280 cm, and the price per night ranges from PLN 350 to PLN 540, depending on the season. Four people can stay in the motorhome - two on a folding bed above the dining room, two on single beds placed opposite each other, along the cabin, at the back.

The Ixeo 728 G offers noticeably more space, as evidenced by its dimensions: 749 x 232 x 296 cm. In this model, the front bed is located above the driver and passenger seats, and the shower cubicle is separated from the bathroom. This spacious motorhome is available at prices from PLN 350 to PLN 560, depending on the season.

Bürstner trailers

The rental company from Silesia also offers two models of Bürstner caravans - Premio 460 TS and 495 TK.


The 495 TK model measures 719 cm with the drawbar (590 cm without the drawbar) and the interior length is 525 cm. In the caravan you will find, of course, a kitchen with a fridge, a bathroom (with a shower) and a dining room. You can sleep on a double bed and on two single beds arranged in a bunk.

An extremely important advantage of renting a caravan will certainly be the lower price compared to a motorhome. The cost of renting a caravan in the high season is PLN 190, in the medium season - PLN 150, and in the low season - only PLN 120 per night. And while relaxing in the caravan, we will definitely appreciate the larger amount of space inside, compared to most motorhomes.

Lease terms

When using the offer of caravan and motorhome rental in Katowice, we should know that the minimum rental period varies depending on the season . And so, the minimum rental period for a camping vehicle in the high season (June 25 to August 31) is 7 days, in the mid season (April 29 to June 24) - 5 days, and in the low season (September 1 to December 31) - 4 days.

For each rented vehicle, the rental company provides full equipment , such as chairs, table, pots, tableware, all connections, adapters, etc. Each vehicle is also equipped with air conditioning , awning and solar panels.

Caravans-Mika motorhome rental is located in Katowice , at ul. Zielonogórska 3A. More information can be found on the website .

The prices given in this article are net prices.

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