Bravia Swan - colorful swans from Slovenia

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While many motorhome manufacturers still offer the choice between two or three body colors, the Slovenian company distinguished itself in the simplest way possible - with a total of 10 different paint finishes for customers to choose from. The rest is pretty much standard - but a good standard.

Bravia Mobil is a little known manufacturer of motorhomes, which creates its motorhomes on the basis of the Peugeot Boxer .

From furniture to cars

The brand was founded in 2005, and its roots are not related to the automotive industry, but to the production of furniture. The Vidmar company has been producing furniture for over 30 years, and the search for new expansion opportunities prompted the owners to use their furniture know-how also in the bodies of tourist vehicles.

It seems that the experiment was successful, because Bravia has recently found a distributor also on the demanding German market . Campers of this brand are also available in many other European countries, including in Spain and in the Scandinavian countries, and the company's ambition is to take a strong position on the international market.


As for the vehicles themselves, to put it simply - Bravia does not think about and does not try to develop revolutionary solutions. Instead, it offers relatively cheap motorhomes with decent standard equipment from recognized brands. In Germany, the price can be considered sensational, because it is difficult to find a similar vehicle for 32 thousand. euro - and this is what the Swan 599 costs.

Heating as standard

Swan 599 , as the name suggests, measures 599 cm in length , of which the built-in length is 365 cm. The interior layout is typical of modern motorhomes. In the living area you will find a folding table with a two-seater sofa - this set can be converted into an additional bed. The main sleeping place is a double bed placed crosswise in the rear part of the motorhome (mattress size - 196x140 cm).

Between the living area and the large bed there is a bathroom - small, yet with a shower, sink and toilet. On the opposite side, the manufacturer has placed a kitchen with a two-burner stove and a stainless steel sink. The refrigerator has a capacity of 80 liters.


However, this is not the end, because Swam has a 105-liter fresh water tank with a 10-liter boiler on board. The dirty water tank holds 94 liters. Heating is also standard - Truma Combi 4 .

The extensive list of additional equipment includes, among others Comfort package , which includes an external connection for gas, shower and ... TV.

Big brother

If the Swan 599 is too small for someone, you can also choose Swan 636 with a length of 636 cm. The interior layout of this model is similar to the shorter version - with the difference that there are two main beds (191 x 80 cm and 182 x 80 cm). However, they can be combined into one large, placed along the vehicle.

In both versions of the motorhome, there is a large luggage space under the bed, which can be accessed both from inside and outside the vehicle.

2.2 and 3.0 HDI diesels

The Swan 599 is available with four engines, the weakest of which is 2.2 HDI with 110 HP . In the larger Swan 636 model, such a weak unit is no longer proposed - the weakest engine is 130 HP there. The most powerful unit in both motorhomes - 3.0 HDI - provides 177 ponies.


We have already mentioned that the swan does not have to be white. The customer can choose from white, yellow, navy blue, blue, red and five metallic colors .

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