More and more caravanning events

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The fashion for caravanning in Poland is developing very well. This is evidenced by the ever richer calendar of events for companies and people interested in traveling with a motorhome or caravan.

Caravanning fairs and rallies have been popular all over the world for years. Already in January you will be able to go to two interesting events at our western neighbors. Tourisma & Caravaning 2013 will be held in Magdeburg, Germany, from 4 to 6 January. A week later, on January 12, the CMT - The Holiday Exhibition will begin until January 20, during which caravanning exhibitions will be an important element of the event. On January 17, the Caravana 2013 fair will start in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden.

But you don't necessarily have to go abroad to get interesting information about the caravanning market, learn about new products or meet people who cannot imagine a vacation without a camping. We also offer a variety of events for lovers of holidays on the road.

It is worth recalling here how many interesting events took place in 2012. At the turn of March and April, the 15th Spring Caravanning Rally was organized in Katowice, which inaugurated the season of domestic and foreign trips under the auspices of the Polish Motor Association. Caravanning fans went, among others to Sandomierz ("Following Father Mateusz"), Paris, Vienna, they also participated in a joint caravanning trip around Romania. Apart from tourist and social events, Polish enthusiasts of caravanning tourism also took part in rallies, for example in the Canadian FICC Rally during the 78th World Camping and Caravanning Rally. Every year, caravanning Polish championships are also organized.

However, the growing fashion for caravanning tourism is evidenced not only by rallies and joint trips, but also by the increasing number of fairs and exhibitions. In April, as part of the Motor Show 2012 event, the 1st National Caravanning Salon in Poznań was held - a huge event with stands occupying over 7,000 square meters. m 2 . In front of the new motorhome models, there were long lines of people willing to look inside them. One of the main attractions were off-road motorhomes - with 4-wheel drive. 91 companies exhibited during the fair, and their stands were visited by as many as 59,000 visitors!

Although it was the largest fair of this type in Poland, it is not the only one. In May, the 6th Caravanning, Camping and Sports Equipment Fair was held in Sosnowiec. It is also worth mentioning the 1st Moto-Hobby Exhibition of Automotive Vehicles and Equipment in Kielce, which was held in November. The Kamper & Camping Salon was an integral part of this event.

So it turns out that even the organizers of general motoring exhibitions are increasingly including caravanning events in their program. They don't do it for nothing - they know how much motorhomes can attract the public.

Can you count that 2013 will also be full of numerous events for enthusiasts of active traveling and motoring? Certainly yes. The 2nd National Caravanning Salon in Poznań will start on April 4. And for those who like to travel together with other caravanning enthusiasts, on April 13-14, the first caravanning pilgrimage to Jasna Góra will be organized.

And this is just the beginning. It can be expected that the list of caravanning events will not only be longer and longer, but also abound in more and more varied offers.

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