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There are constant changes on the European caravanning market, especially in the catalogs of leading manufacturers (from Italy and Germany) fighting for a wealthy customer. Polish enthusiasts of camping relaxation know the German company Hobby - the manufacturer of many trailers available on the secondary market.

The constructions, mostly from the 1980s, are suitable only for a museum of technology, at least in terms of design and equipment. We believe that the flagship model of the manufacturer across the Oder - Landhaus - has a completely different purpose. Already at the first contact with a trailer mounted on a two-axle chassis , many questions arise regarding dimensions, equipment, construction and price. Like an unlimited body, it seems to be in isolation from generally accepted aerodynamic principles . Almost vertical walls, together with the roof protruding on each side, generate huge air resistance while driving - which only increases the effort of the towing car (the Landhaus weighs nearly 2 tons ). On the other hand, regular shapes herald a huge space inside.

Home space

The manufacturer called the top model "Landhaus" for a reason - which clearly shows its character. At the beginning, it is worth noting - despite its size - interior length of 730 cm - the caravan offers only four sleeping places . A reasonable number of places allowed designers to arrange the interior with great splendor and even imagination. As befits a high-end product - the customer has a huge choice here. The configuration covers both the color, texture and pattern of the upholstery, the shade of furniture, door handles and even the floor . It is also worth mentioning the long list of optional accessories, including leather upholstery, Pioneer audio system, oven and solar panels .


Kitchen and living room

On the left side of the entrance, in the "semicircular" rear part of the caravan, there is a seating area. Around the height-adjustable table there is a massive sofa that can easily accommodate both household members and guests. It is worth adding that the entire caravan has been solidly glazed - if necessary, we will isolate ourselves from the outside world with standard roller shutters (they will also protect us from insects). Opposite the two-part front door - equipped with a window, of course - there is not a kitchenette, but a fully-fledged kitchen . The level of equipment and finishing is reminiscent of a modern apartment rather than a mobile home on wheels. Each free space has been arranged with lockers, storage compartments, on-board systems installed here and there, with Truma air heating and a boiler at the fore.

Toilet, bathroom and bedroom

Delving further into the interior, we come across a lockable bathroom and a truly royal bedroom at the very end. On the left side there is a full-size shower cubicle with a paddling pool , and in front of it, behind a wooden door, there is a hidden bathroom with a chemical toilet and a washbasin . The remaining space was allocated to a spacious double bed - also surrounded by windows. The missing two places to sleep arise after folding the aforementioned table and unfolding the sofa.

Hobby Landhaus costs at least 26,000 euros . At this price, we get an almost mobile apartment for four people.

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