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Among the 13 variants of the Hobby De Luxe caravan, probably everyone would be able to find something for themselves. Especially the longest version, measuring almost 8.5 meters, may be appealing. A large amount of space combined with well-thought-out equipment makes it easy to feel at home in this caravan.

For the 2014 season, the German manufacturer decided to optimize the weight of its trailers. The new De Luxe caravans are narrower and lighter , which, however, did not affect the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

A WLAN solution has been introduced as an option. Thanks to the wireless network, many devices can be controlled wirelessly using a smartphone, tablet or notebook. This applies, inter alia, to lighting, air conditioning and water heating.

What else? Most versions in 2014 can boast a new type 1 40-liter refrigerator with a removable freezer (it can be removed and thus enlarged the refrigerator). In line with the current trends, LED lighting has been used to the greatest extent possible.

Discreet modernity

Hobby De Luxe looks modern from the outside, although it does not "beat the eyes" with extravagant solutions. Large surfaces of windows (including tilt windows), openable roof windows, delicate ribs and large, very aesthetic rear lights are the distinguishing features of the model, which in the Hobby brand offer belongs to the middle class segment. In technical terms, it is worth paying attention to the Winterhoff WS 3000 clutch with a stabilizer , and also to the fact that the drawbar is equipped with a practical cover.

Inside, especially in the 8.3-meter-long version of the XX, you can feel like you are in a large and well-decorated living room. Subdued colors are in line with current trends, so this is not the biggest surprise. We can be surprised how many wardrobes, cabinets, shelves and lockers have been able to fit into a caravan. We can find a place for necessary things both in deep drawers and a corner cabinet in the kitchen , as well as in the bathroom, and even in the corners of the sleeping area, above the beds and sofas.

The cabinets in the caravan are ventilated, which protects them against moisture and mold, and the table is adjustable in height. Thanks to the height of the interior - 1.95 m - most people will be able to move around on the caravan assuming an upright posture.

Beds on… gas springs

In the kitchen area, both the sink and the 3-burner gas stove are made of stainless steel . Drawers close gently and silently. An interesting solution is an additional LED strip above the kitchen window . There is a socket in the window frame, to which we can connect, for example, an electric kettle.

The beds have quite spacious compartments inside. To make it easier to get there, the lifting of the double beds is assisted by gas springs. In the case of single beds, a simpler spring mechanism must suffice. In some variants of De Luxe caravans , bunk beds are also available, designed as sleeping places for children .

In the bathroom, we can be pleasantly surprised by the rich LED lighting and large mirror surfaces . The light reflected in the glass panes enhances the impression of spaciousness. Depending on the version, the Truma S 3004 or S 5004 heater was used to heat the trailer.

The prices of Hobby De Luxe trailers are in the range from 17 to 21 thousand. euro (in Germany). This applies to the version without additional equipment.

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