The fate of pedestrians is in the hands of the drivers

The fate of pedestrians is in the hands of the drivers – main image

The statistics are terrifying. In 2016, 3,026 people died on Polish roads. This is as much as 88 people more than last year. But for many of us, dry statistics do not appeal to us. That is why the National Road Safety Council prepared a special action.

Statistics are just numbers, and these don't make a special impression on us anymore. However, let us imagine that an entire small town is lost as a result of the catastrophe. Mothers, fathers, children, grandmothers, grandparents ... Every year, the entire town with a population of three thousand is swept away from the surface of Poland. But this is not the result of a catastrophe beyond our control - it is the result of our often reckless behavior.

Every year pedestrians constitute a large group of road accident victims. Most of them lose their lives due to mistakes made by drivers. Often the culprits are young drivers, with little experience, but great fantasy (not to be confused with imagination!).

The action carried out by the National Road Safety Council is to make drivers aware of the fact that the lives of specific people are in our hands. Not some anonymous masses, but people like us and our families. Let us not delude ourselves - many people will die on our roads this year. Someone is waiting for the birth of a child, someone else for their daughter's wedding, everyone has their hopes, dreams, goals for the next days. But some of them won't live to the moment they're waiting for. They will die in accidents.

Imagine the culprit facing his future victim. He has a chance to look into her eyes ... And a moment of reflection can make her act more responsible in the future, avoiding misfortune. This is what happens in the spot we present below.
We hope that thanks to it, many drivers will take their feet off the gas, and as a result, the banners carried by the participants of the action will not turn out to be prophetic.

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