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On February 12-14, 2021, the 32nd edition of the TOUR SALON Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products will take place. What are the event organizers' plans?

- The answer is basically simple. We want the most interesting travel weekend in Wielkopolska to be held on the premises of the Poznań International Fair on the second weekend of February. - comments Alina Furmaniuk, project director.  


This year's edition of the fair will again be held under the slogan "Discover the taste of adventure", which is the essence of the plans related to this project. TOUR SALON is to inspire and encourage you to discover not only new directions, but also new passions and new ways of spending free time. It is also supposed to be a great adventure in itself - to provide great entertainment, positive emotions and exciting experiences. Therefore, not only regions, cities, municipalities, poviats, tourist facilities are invited to participate in the fair, but also all institutions and companies that specialize in the implementation of projects that allow you to arrange your free time in an interesting way.


TOUR SALON will once again be accompanied by the Traces of Dreams Travel Festival, but not only during this event, you will be able to hear travel reports. Travel Giants will also talk about unusual places and the realization of travel dreams. We will find out who will play this role soon. The project The Best Lesson Ever! Will also be continued. dedicated to students, allowing them to learn about the world in an unusual way. - During special classes, we will discover Poland, explore the history of our country, learn the laws of physics, and maybe even reach the stars. We have many ideas and a lot of declarations from companies and institutions that would like to join this project, in which more than 3,000 students have participated since 2017. This is really a huge promotional potential that allows you to reach individual, but above all institutional, customers, to ensure them about the value of the services offered, and especially about the security in the area of a given facility - comments Alina Furmaniuk.


TOUR SALON 2021, as in 2020, will be held at the Poznań Congress Center. The exhibitors of the next year's edition will also be able to join the #PolskaDoPoznania project.

- The concept of this action was born during the lockdown. We wanted to take advantage of this time, when most of us were spending a lot of time on the web, and give an excuse to wander beyond four walls in our minds, to get to know and explore our country. The action was warmly received by many tourist organizations, facilities and attractions. Of course, it was not the only one, but it is probably one of the few that is continued on the website and FB profile of the Fair - informs Alina Furmaniuk.

TOUR SALON changes with the needs of travel lovers, consistently takes the form of a travel event, providing access to information, expert and practical knowledge needed to independently plan closer and further trips. As the organizers declare, various forms of long-term information and promotion offered to the partners of the event enable targeted targeting of selected groups of tourists, and the three-day meeting in February 2021 in Poznań is just one of many stages of long-term cooperation.

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