XXXIII CamperTeam Rally in Krasiejów

XXXIII CamperTeam Rally in Krasiejów – main image

On June 5-7, 2015, the flagship CamperTeam event will take place - a great camper convention. Participants will meet in Krasiejów, famous for its JuraPark, awarded in 2014 with the Golden Certificate of the Polish Tourist Organization.

Krasiejów is a town in Opole with a modern Science and Entertainment Park. Together with the JuraPark in Solec Kujawski and Bałtów, the park in Krasiejów forms the trinity of Polish entertainment and educational facilities that are an attraction for the whole family. The life-size dinosaurs that can be seen in it impress everyone, regardless of age. On the first weekend of June, you will be able to admire them without restrictions - just take part in the XXXIII CamperTeam Rally .

Program of the XXXIII CamperTeam Rally - JuraPark Krasiejów

Apart from the fact that the participants of the rally will be able to enter the area of JuraPark Krasiejów from Friday to Sunday, there is also a swimming pool, a beach, restaurants and toilets at their disposal. You can take a dog or a cat to the descent - the exit point will be clearly marked.

On Friday , June 5, you will be able to see the attractions of the JuraPark and take part in a cycling competition (we will only know the type and brand of a two-wheeler at the rally). In the evening, integration with the other crews by the fire awaits.

On Saturday , June 6, apart from the JuraPark, the bends of the Mała Panew river are waiting to be explored - people can take part in a canoeing trip. The program also includes carriage and off-road car rides (Gaz 69 from '65 and Volvo Laplander from '75), a cycling competition, a concert by a group of hunting whistleblowers and a dance with a DJ.

Sunday , June 7, offers similar attractions, thanks to which those who have not had time to take part in a canoeing trip or check their bike skills will have a chance to prove themselves.

A handful of organizational information

The cost of participation in the rally for a 2-person motorhome crew is PLN 140 . Additional participants pay PLN 40 (per person, for the entire rally). The payment is made to the account of the Polish Society of Camper and Caravanning Tourism. Carriage rides and canoeing are additionally payable.

In the rally office, participants will receive rally stickers and ID badges entitling to multiple entry to the JuraPark area. If someone wants a spot on the grass, he should arrive earlier. About 80-100 motorhomes will be directed to the grassy camping site, while the rest - to the paved site. The places are equivalent, they lie next to each other, at the same distance from the JuraPark entrances and toilets.

In case of any problems or doubts, the participants of the rally may ask for help from the office or to the organizer who will be present at the campsite for the entire duration of the congress.

Detailed information can be found on the CamperTeam forum thread dedicated to the rally.


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