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When talking about Istria, it is difficult to distinguish one place and choose one resort. Because about Pula, which is stretched over seven hills, one would have to say at least a few words. And Poreč has a lot to be proud of - apart from the famous Euphrasian Basilica. And the old Pazin, located almost in the heart of Istria, with a castle built above the 120-meter deep Pazinskaya Jam. There is also Umag, liked by caravanners for its numerous campsites on the Adriatic coast. What if you could focus on yet another city on the peninsula - Rovinj, known as the Croatian Saint-Tropez?

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Rovinj is not big, but it fully makes up for in beauty and wealth of attractions it offers. The entire coast around the city is protected due to the surrounding flora and fauna - you can imagine how much fun it will be for any nature lover to come here. The heart of the resort is the car-free old town (the ban covers almost the entire area), surrounded by water on practically all sides. You can go for a walk around it along the seaside boulevards, admire the charming buildings and let the fresh gusts of wind blow you away. The views are beautiful, and best of all, you can also admire them from the top, from the tower of St. Euphemia , the main monument of Rovinj. Steep stairs lead to its top, a challenge for the brave, and at the very top there is a prize - a stunning panorama of the city and the surrounding islands adorning the waters of the Adriatic Sea. It doesn't take long to find out why for so many people Rovinj is one of the most beautiful towns on the Croatian coast. Every year, thousands of tourists who choose to spend their holidays in Istria come here. Despite the fact that the nearby beaches are not very wide, and the ones concentrated in the center are covered with stones, the coast itself invites you to relax. It is beautiful, joyful and entertaining, as befits a popular seaside resort. On the other hand, there are also small spaces. There is a reason why naturists come to the region in great numbers, coming in crowds from different countries to relax and sunbathe without any restrictions.

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Above and below the waters of the Adriatic Sea

In addition to the historic old town with narrow streets and beautiful greenery around the cathedral, the port is a big tourist attraction. Small but impressive. Both fishing boats and luxury yachts are rocking here. From time to time, cruise ships and ferries also arrive there - including a huge passenger ferry to several cities on the Adriatic coast. It is worth noting that many tourists visit this part of Istria during their holidays in Italy . The distance between Venice and Rovinj can be covered quite quickly by car (approx. 200 km), but if you prefer to focus not on driving but on admiring the scenery, it is enough to buy a ferry ticket. The waters around the "Croatian Saint-Tropez" hide wrecks of sunken ships, tempting lovers of diving or snorkeling. There are a dozen of them between Rovinj and Pula (including Giuseppe Dezza, who was swallowed up by the Adriatic Sea in 1944), so it's easy to lose track of time when exploring underwater. Especially that, apart from the wrecks lying on the seabed, the eyes of divers are attracted by shoals of joyfully colored fish. In addition to diving, you can windsurf, canoe, sail a sailboat, fish or admire dolphins splashing in the sea.

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Camping Polari

When looking for accommodation in the vicinity of Rovinj, it is worth considering the offer of the object located approx. 3.5 km from the city - a very large and well-equipped campsite with a swimming pool complex and access to the beach, providing a beautiful view of the surrounding islands. The facility in question is an ideal place for enthusiasts of active recreation, as well as for families with children. It offers guests spacious, comfortable, shaded lots and Internet access everywhere. It provides a range of entertainment, including a rich animation program for kids. One of its many strengths is also that it is pet friendly.

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