5 of the best cycling routes for the whole family

5 of the best cycling routes for the whole family – main image

A rustle of wind in your hair, a blast of warm summer air, the crunch of gravel under the wheels of bicycles - this is the rhythm of the holiday!

If you associate your holiday with sport, nature and the stunning natural beauty of the countryside, you will surely find something for yourself in the Garda Trentino region! Every enthusiast of bicycle trips will find here suitable routes and bicycle paths, from which there are beautiful views. In this way, wonderful memories are created for a lifetime.

When a family with children is going on vacation, it is a little more difficult to arrange transport of bicycles and choose routes suitable for all family members. But that's not cause for concern yet! Family cycling is safe on Lake Garda - there is something for everyone in the family here! Below, we present 5 obligatory bicycle routes , which also include children.

  1. The San Martino family trail is an easy 7.4 km trail. It runs along gravel and asphalt paths, and you can admire, for example, the Capuchin monastery.
  2. The Lago Bagattoli Family Trail is an eight kilometer long scenic route that overlooks the amazing Centrale di Fies (a former hydroelectric power plant that now hosts contemporary art exhibitions and performances) . The route begins with a descent to "Marocche" (great glacial rock formations) . It is a protected area due to its geological and ecological value. From there, the road passes through the nearby vineyards located on the banks of the Sarca River. The route is easy.
  3. The trail through the Dro and Via delle Prugne (Plum Trail) is another, not very demanding route, 9.4 km long. The path leads through vineyards and olive groves. It just so happens that it is also a route associated with the local specialty called susina (a special species of plum) !
  4. The family loop of Monte Brione is a straight 8.4 km route that starts and ends in the beautiful corner of Porto San Nicolò (Riva del Garda). It is also a unique opportunity to admire the green slopes of the mountains rising all around!
  5. The Pratosaiano Family Trail is 9.8 km long and runs around ancient villages, fruit orchards and vineyards. The trail is in Arco. On the way, you can also admire the local castle!

Finally, we have two routes that are the pride of the Garda Trentino region. People who live here appreciate these trails at any time of the year. Both are pleasant and well connected: the first is 18.2 km long - it's the Mori-Riva del Garda trail that leads all the way to the impressive Varone Falls, and the other is the Torbole sul Sarca-Sarche trail . The Valle dei Laghi hiking and biking trail (32.9 km) is a great opportunity to admire the kingdom of vino santo (a special type of dessert wine) - one of the products that the Trentino region is proud of.

But don't worry if too long routes put you off! There is a special service for cyclists traveling with children: from June to September, a special bus is available from Lake Garda to the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites!

On the trail leading to the Ledro valley, you can also visit the Palafit Museum - houses on stilts, in which you lived a long, long time ago! You can also choose the route towards Comano - the Limarò trail leads down to Sarche (Limarò canyon is carved by the waters of the Sarca River - you can admire the extremely rich natural landscape here!) experienced children!)

Did you know The Garda Trentino region offers a wide range of attractions, which is why it is associated with sport, fun, happiness and ... a bit of healthy exercise for the whole family (holidays are not only sunbathing!).

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