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Sardinia ranks second on the list of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of size, it is only surpassed by Sicily. The Sardinian beauty attracts tourists with the beauty of its beaches, including the picturesque Costa Smeralda, rock formations, weather (300 days of sunshine a year) and delicious food. On the island you will find delicious desserts, such as cheese and honey seadas, as well as a local delicacy for the brave, i.e. casu marzu - a sheep cheese "enriched" with live larvae that tastes like gorgonzola. But there is no doubt that Sardinia will be remembered by everyone, even without having to indulge in controversial delicacies, because it is simply wonderful. See with us that no matter which part of the island we spend our vacation in, each one can charm us.

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Camping Village Baia Blu La Tortuga


The first of the described campsites is located in the northern part of the island. This is Camping Village Baia Blu La Tortuga , located in the Gallura region, famous for its delicious Vermentino di Sardegna wine. The location facilitates quick access not only to the neighboring town of Santa Teresa di Gallura, but also to Porto Torres, Olbia and Golfo Aranci. The facility offers tourists a view of the sea, a sandy beach, coolness in the shade of pine trees and closeness to nature. There is a grocery store, a kiosk, two bars and two restaurants, including one self-service. The second one serves regional cuisine. Guests can stay overnight in the camping area or in the village sector, in comfortable mobile homes (with air conditioning and TV).

Camping is very popular among lovers of active recreation. There are plenty of options for spending your free time, from training at the gym to playing tennis to water sports. Diving enthusiasts will be especially pleased with the diving center at the Vigniola Mare beach, which organizes PADI courses. In addition, in the 2018 season, an Aqua Park with swimming pools (including a semi-Olympic pool) was opened. Children and adults love it - children play under the supervision of lifeguards, and caregivers can relax in the water, including: from hydromassage. If someone gets tired of swimming, there are one of the sun loungers and umbrellas placed around the pools. Animators make sure that the youngest guests of the campsite do not experience a moment of boredom. The resort has a wellness center where you can undergo relaxing treatments.

Camping Village Capo d'Orso


Another campsite was also located in the north of Sardinia. This is Camping Village Capo d'Orso , located on the edge of Costa Smeralda, approximately 6.5 km east of Palau. Its name comes from the main attraction of the area, a monumental block of granite known as Bear Rock. The campsite itself is located opposite one of the islands of the St. Archipelago. Magdalena – Caprera. Thanks to its beauty and rich fauna, it was considered a nature reserve, home to numerous species of birds, including the peregrine falcon and cormorant. Tourists coming to the island can visit Giuseppe Garibaldi's house, where the museum is now located. Together with the chapel, both buildings are memorial monuments.

The location of the campsite allows you to quickly reach both the mentioned archipelago and the beaches of Santa Maria, Spargi, Santo Stefano and Budelli. Guests can rent a motorboat or moor their own boat. The area encourages trips, but there is also something to do in the resort. There is a rich animation program for children, and there is a Mini Club for the youngest. Vacationers of all ages can take part in daily games and sports tournaments. It is impossible to ignore a wide range of water sports (including windsurfing, sailing and diving), playing on the sports fields and on the tennis court.

Accommodation options include places on the camping site (pitch for a vehicle, trailer or tent) and mobile homes, bungalows and tourist trailers. The amenities include: restaurant, pizzeria, supermarket, bar and kiosk.

Centro Vacanze Isuledda


There is no shortage of great campsites in the north of Sardinia . We will encounter the next one as we head south-east from Capo d'Orso, where Centro Vacanze Isuledda is located in the heart of the Arzachena bay. In the immediate vicinity there is a marina and a settlement called Porto Cervo, considered by many Italians (and not only them) to be the showcase of the Emerald Coast. There is no doubt that the local prices can be unpleasant surprises, but on the other hand, the exclusivity of hotel complexes and restaurants clearly indicates what clientele local entrepreneurs are targeting. Luxury yachts bob on the marina's waters, and boutiques of prestigious brands thrive in the streets. The wealth of the inhabitants and the resort itself can be seen at every step - Porto Cervo is well-kept and full of flowers, and even the remote alleys are very clean.

And camping ? Also at the highest level. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it provides guests with relaxation on several beaches with coves, numerous options for water activities (excellent diving spots) and beautiful views of the surrounding islands. Accommodation awaits you at the camping site and in comfortable cottages. Vacationers can dine in several restaurants serving international cuisine, there is also a grill and a pizzeria. There are many attractions for visitors, including live music concerts and a varied entertainment program. If you are still wondering where to go on holiday this year and you are considering the Italian islands, this campsite is a perfect idea.

Selema Camping


If you prefer the north-eastern areas of Sardinia, you may like Selema Camping located on the beach in Santa Lucia. It is very cozy and intimate, and people relaxing there can choose from spacious plots (some are separated), trailers, mobile homes and bungalows. Shaded positions provide pleasant coolness, and those who enjoy blissful relaxation on the beach will find it on a wide strip of golden sand stretching behind the forested area.

Guests praise, among others: friendly service, delicious food in the camping restaurant and modern and clean toilets. They also like the fact that the town is within walking distance. Sports fans have access to a swimming pool, tennis courts, sports fields, and can rent diving equipment or bicycles. There is also a playground for children.

Camping Village Orrì


For those who love the beach, pristine nature and sun, but are still wondering where to go on holiday, Sardinia offers many opportunities. On the east coast, in Ogliastara, Camping Village Orrì awaits you. It is located in a region loved by lovers of close contact with nature. It tempts tourists with its crystal clear sea, picturesque beaches and water caves. It has a well-organized infrastructure, starting from the accommodation offer tailored to every preference (camping site and facilities for rent, such as trailers, wooden houses and bungalows), and ending with amenities. There is a swimming pool, a restaurant, a pizzeria, a bar and a bakery, as well as a laundry and drying room.

Even though our holiday destination is sunny Sardinia, the weather can be tricky. Fortunately, camping provides plenty of activity options, including entertainment to suit the weather's whims. It offers a TV room, table football, video games, table tennis and much more.

Approx. 30 km north of the campsite there is a noteworthy beach called Cala Goloritze . To get to it, you have to take a boat or go through the mountains. The route takes approximately 2 hours one way. While hiking, it is also worth mentioning another attraction called the moon beach. We can reach Cala Luna in several ways: from the land by mountain trail, and from the sea by water tram, kayak or the so-called gommone (dinghy with engine).

Tiliguerta Camping Village


If you love Italy , are planning a holiday in Sardinia and would like to take your dog with you, nothing stands in the way. You just need to choose a place where you will be welcome not only on the pitch, but also in the campsite itself. In the south-eastern part of the island, in the immediate vicinity of the stunning beach in Costa Rei, there is the 4-star Tiliguerta Camping Village . Animal lovers have a separate beach where their pets can feel completely at ease. Other guests also have no reason to complain, because the facility gives them the opportunity to relax in the shade of trees, in silence and with a view of the beach considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

The camping offer includes shaded pitches for campers, trailers and tents, as well as cottages, mobile homes of various standards, and apartments. In the central part there is a catering and entertainment zone, as well as SPA & Wellness services. There is also a sailing and windsurfing school at the campsite, offering courses for children and adults.

Villagio Camping le Dune

The area around Costa Rei is very popular with tourists, so it is not surprising that in response, many facilities with offers addressed to them have been created here. One of them is , where those who are looking for relaxation in the bosom of nature and at the same time in comfortable conditions will spend a successful holiday. It offers guests plots for campers and tents, as well as accommodation in cottages. There are swimming pools , football pitches and a tennis court, a playground and a beach volleyball area.

The campsite is often visited by diving fans who explore the incredibly transparent waters washing around the coast. You can spot flamingos on the sandy beach, and the hilly inland areas are perfect for cycling and hiking. Nature lovers can spend hours walking along the seashore.

Camping Tonnara


In the southwest of Sardinia, in the town of Sant'Antioco, there is another interesting facility - Camping Tonnara . Its numerous advantages include, among others: proximity to the beautiful Cala Sapone beach, situated between two rows of rocks. Staying at this campsite is a real pleasure, because each of the pitches offered has a wonderful view of the bay stretching to the west. The sunsets that can be admired here are unforgettable for all guests.

The local beach may not be large, but it is calm (without waves). Thanks to the gentle descent into the water, it is a perfect place for children to splash around. Those who love active recreation have large playing fields for themselves. When hunger strikes, you can visit the camping restaurant, which serves delicious meals at relatively low prices.

Camping Village Laguna Blu


Would you like to visit Alghero ? If so, it will be a good idea to find accommodation as close as possible to one of the most charming towns in Sardinia. In the north-western part of the island, a few kilometers from the resort, lies Camping Village Laguna Blu . Many tourists consider it one of the best and most beautiful Sardinian resorts. And rightly so, as anyone who comes here will say. It is a well-kept facility with a caravanning zone and mobile homes for those who do not have their own house on wheels. It is very green (the area is covered with eucalyptus and pine trees), and despite its size, it is quite peaceful. It is close to the beach, easy to get to neighboring beaches, and thanks to the bus we can also get to attractions such as the most famous cave in Sardinia, Neptune's Grotto .

The location of the campsite tempts nature lovers - you can observe waterfowl on the lagoon. In addition, the area is popular with water sports fans who come here to spend their holidays on a board or a boat (or with a scuba tank).

Camping Village Torre del Porticciolo


The last, but not the least impressive campsite on our list is Camping Village Torre del Porticciolo , located on the north-west coast of Sardinia. It lies on the other side of the Porto Conte Regional Park, near Alghero. The proximity of the sea and the pine forest ensures blissful relaxation for all those who associate holidays with relaxation in the bosom of nature. And not only for them - the campsite offers both camping sites and pitches for caravanners, as well as cottages and mobile homes. Air-conditioned interiors and outdoor terraces with tables and chairs provide a variety of relaxation options. When we add a swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, a private beach and quick access to restaurants, bars and monuments, it is easy to understand why the campsite is so eagerly visited by tourists.

As you can see, no matter which region we choose, it is difficult to list all the attractions that Sardinia offers. Your holiday on this beautiful Italian island will be an unforgettable time.

If you want to learn more about Sardinia, e.g. how long it takes to get around the entire island, how much the ferry to Sardinia costs, or what is the best time for a holiday on this island, read our article: Sardinia in 21 days .

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