7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to

7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – main image

Switzerland is standing by railroads, there is no doubt about that. But it is also famous for its modern roller coasters to its breathtaking peaks. Take a closer look at them with us.

This time we want to take you on an amazing journey by roller coaster. Go to the famous Swiss peaks. Get to know the famous massifs and see what millions of tourists fell in love with. Jungfrau, Schilthorn, Pilatus or Gornergrat - each peak is different and all fantastic.

Expedition to Jungfrau

7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – image 1

Let's start with Jungfrau (4158 m), the third highest peak in the Bernese Alps. Together with the Eiger and Mönch mountains, it forms the so-called Dreigestirn, a complex of three great peaks in the northern Oberwald. The Jungfrau railways have been enabling tourists to reach the highest railway station in Europe for over a century. It is situated at an altitude of 3,454 meters above sea level, in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch. The rack railway runs to the top all year round. He rides from Kleine Scheidegg to the Jungfraujoch tunnel, traversing the distance up a steep climb.

In 2020, the Eiger Express cable car was opened. You can now travel by this gondola from Grindelwald to the Eigergletscher and then by cogwheel railway to Jungfraujoch. By completing the project, the time needed to reach the top of the mountain was shortened. Thanks to it, you can get from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch in an hour and a half.

View from the top of Gornergrat

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The next proposal will amaze everyone who reaches the top. Gornergrat provides visitors with spectacular views, but it cannot be otherwise, since it is surrounded by almost 30 four-thousanders. These include the impressive Matterhorn and the Dufourspitze. If you dream about standing on a viewing platform with such a panorama, it's easy. Just take the train from Brig / Visp to Zermatt and then from Zermatt to Gornergrat by cogwheel railway.

The above-mentioned platform was installed at an altitude of 3,089 m above sea level. The cog railway travels the distance between the summit and the station for twelve months a year. It is famous for the steep ground it overcomes every day,

If you want to learn more about glacier migration, a special educational path is waiting for you. There are 10 information panels on it, describing the remains of his journey. The tour starts in Furi. It goes to the Gorner suspension bridge towards Blatteten to return via the glacier garden to Schweimatten.

Departure by cable car to Diablica - Diavolezza

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The next place is eloquently named Diavolezza, meaning the Devil. The term comes from a legend trying to find an explanation for the disappearance of hunters in the mountains. They set off on the trail and never returned from it. Fortunately, tourists do not have to worry that they will share their fate. It is enough that they go to the summit with a height of up to 3,000 meters above sea level

The cable car to the Devil's Viewpoint is located a few kilometers from the Bernina Pass. After reaching the top, you can enjoy what you see. There are a dozen or so peaks in front of the visitors' eyes. The highest of them, Piz Bernina, reaches almost 4,000 above sea level. It is majestic and awe-inspiring.

When you reach your destination, you can rest at the viewpoint, sunbathe on a deckchair or eat lunch. If you want, there are a few peaks waiting for you to climb. Beginners and experts will find a route for themselves. For example, the latter can go over the Pers or Morteratsch glacier to the Morteratsch mountain railway station.

A trip to San Salvatore

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Would you like to visit Lugano? If so, get to know the area from the top of San Salvatore on the south side of the city. The funicular railway will take you from the Lugano-Paradiso district. At the end you will see the church. From its roof, the southern part of the Ticino canton can be seen wonderfully.

Lugano itself deserves praise as it is an exceptionally beautiful city. It combines the best of the culture and architecture of two countries: Switzerland and Italy. It has wonderful landscapes, is incredibly green and has the atmosphere of a typical Italian town from the north of Italy. It is situated in a great location, by the lake with the same name and between three mountains. San Salvatore dominates the landscape to the south, while the east belongs to Brè and the southeast to Sighignola.

No wonder that such a picturesque town captivates, whether it is admired during a walk or from the windows of the cable car. They overlook Lake Ceresio, the Savoy Alps and the Lombard plains. The journey to the top of San Salvatore is very short - it only takes 10 minutes. However, we guarantee that you will remember it.

Take the roller coaster to the top of the Schilthorn

During your stay in Interlaken, go to the summit from where you can admire one of the most magnificent panoramas in all of Switzerland. Head south and meet the Schilthorn. It is a peak in the Bernese Oberland region, in the canton of Bern, in part of the Western Alps. You can get it, among others thanks to the cable car from the town of Stechelberg. At the very top, there is a view of the surrounding three-thousanders, including the Eiger and Wetterhorn. You can also see four-thousanders, for example the famous Jungfrau. Hen in the distance you can even see Mont Blanc.

On the top of Schilthorn there is a huge tourist attraction - the revolving Piz Gloria restaurant. In addition to having lunch, you have a chance to visit a small museum dedicated to agent 007. In the 1970s, the James Bond film was shot in the restaurant.

The great attraction is not only the restaurant, but also the cable car ride to the top of the Schilthorn. Nomen omen in the high season, you can expect many comers. As a result, you will have to wait for a seat in a long queue in the wagon. The waiting will be more than rewarded. You will see Jungfrau, Mönch and Eiger in all their glory.

Pilatus - a mountain on Lake Lucerne

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The next suggestion is Pilatus (2,137 m above sea level). The peak, clearly visible from Lucerne, is reached by the steepest cogwheel railway in the world. The gradient of the Pilatusbahn tracks is up to 48%. The distance between the lower and upper stations is 4.6 km, but the journey takes about 40 minutes. No matter, the views are so beautiful that you wish the railway would run even slower.

Pilatus towers over Lake Lucerne, as does Rigi, to which we will dedicate a few words below. It is located in Central Switzerland, in the Emmental Alps. In the network, you can encounter an incorrect assignment of the massif to the Urn Alps range. In fact, it belongs to the Lucerne Prealps (Luzerner Voralpen). It is worth bearing this in mind.

You can reach Pilatus by panoramic gondola from Kriens near Lucerne or from Alpnachstad on Lake Lucerne. There is a ship and train going to Alpnachstad from Lucerne, so you have a choice of where to start your trip. Both options are very attractive, both the views from the train windows and the mountains admired from the deck of the ship. The Pilatusbahn cog railway station is right next to the ferry terminal.

Departure by cable car to the Queen of the Mountains - Rigi

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The last peak we would like to visit with you is Rigi, known as the Queen of the Mountains. It was on Rigi Kulm that the first roller coaster in Europe went. Moreover, at the beginning of the 20th century, the cog railway from Arth was converted to electric drive as the first railway in the world. If you plan to get Pilatus, it is worth adding Rigi to your list. Especially since it is located in the same region as Lucerne. Remember to take a hat and gloves with you, even if you visit this place in the summer. It blows really strong at the top!

The height of Rigi is 1798 m above sea level, and from its top you can admire a wonderful view of 13 lakes. Almost at the very top of the mountain there is a hotel, to which guests are transported by 2 cogwheels. The first takes off from Vitznau and the second from Arth-Goldau station. You can also choose the third option, the cable car from Weggis. Those who took advantage of this opportunity marvel at the wonderful landscapes of Lake Lucerne and its surroundings. Consider this solution because it is very emotional. First you board the ship to Vitznau and then you take the cog railway to the top. When you reach your destination, after resting, you may choose to return by a different route. Take the rack railway to Rigi Kaltbad station. On site you can take a gondola to Weggis. Later, there is a small walk (about a quarter of an hour) towards Lake Lucerne. At the marina, all you need to do is board a ship headed back to Lucerne.

These are our proposals for Switzerland viewed from mountain peaks. We are sure that you will fall in love with these landscapes just like everyone who had the opportunity to see them.

7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – image 1
7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – image 2
7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – image 3
7 mountain peaks that you can take the cable car to – image 4

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