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In 2018, the song "ELCAMPeros" became loud. The creator of the hit - Karol Kus and his band Taraka quickly gained publicity, and their hit was promoted to the title of the official caravanning anthem. The music video for the song was made in Masuria during the "Mazurskie Piekiełko" caravanning rally in Ryn.

Elcamperos - a community of passionate people

Another factor that cemented the Elcamperos community was the first rally organized in June this year by Elcamp and its partners. The participants liked the number of attractions and the atmosphere, which is confirmed by the mood of the participants and the reports from the event.

Marcin Kłósek, marketing manager at ELCAMP RV , will answer a few questions about the project.

What makes a community successful?

Our employees are enthusiasts who genuinely love caravanning. They are trying to instill the bug with those unconvinced, and they naturally "drag" the fans of this form of recreation into the whirlpool of our joint project. Our community is made up of everyone who feels good in the company of positively crazy travelers - these are our employees, clients and guests of the rallies. We really want a family atmosphere here, full of understanding, tolerance and support "

What are the future plans for "Elcamperos"?

We make every effort to make the community grow strong. During the fairs where we are present, each "Elcamperos" has the opportunity to meet us at our stand, also here we exchange experiences from the rallies and provide information on the next ones. At the same time, listening to the voices of our friends, we plan further events in such a way as to respond to all the needs of the participants. Our acquaintance and relationships are not meant to end at the salon's doorstep.

What awaits us this year?

The next Masurian Piekiełko Rally in Ryn is ahead of us on September 9-11, where the representation of Elcamperos will appear in a strong line-up. Details can be found here:
Of course, we are already planning attractions and events for the last quarter of 2022 and the next season, details soon.

Become an "Elcamperos" - join an active Facebook group

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Elcamperos is a lifestyle, a community, and probably basically a brand. The family atmosphere seems to be the key to success, and the professionalism and experience of the Elcamp staff ensure that the organization and technical security will always be at the highest level.

It is worth actively participating in the life of the group to keep up to date with hot topics and tips appearing in numerous posts.

As a media partner of the events, we can only recommend participation in subsequent rallies.

See you later!

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