7 vineyards of Lower Silesia that we visited in a motorhome

7 vineyards of Lower Silesia that we visited in a motorhome – main image

In May, we went on a tour of the vineyards of Lower Silesia in a camper. We have found that the owners are very willing to accept campers on their property.

Remember to treat a stop in the vineyards as a safe stop in the wild. This is not camping . There is no reception open 24 hours a day, no shop, toilets or camper service. Here and there it is possible to fill up with fresh water and connect to electricity, but these are just the beginnings of enocaravaning in Poland . The owners still have to agree on the parking conditions, but you certainly need to make purchases at the vineyard. In some cases it will be purchasing a tasting, in others the purchase of wines, and in others it will be purchasing access to a SPA or visiting a restaurant.

For this trend to develop, winemakers need your support! So the plan for this year is this: you visit the vineyards in campers, buy wines, and next year perhaps the winemakers will build great facilities for you.

In the meantime, see how you can relax in the vineyards today.

Moderna Vineyard


In this vineyard, you can park your camper on a meadow where horses run freely, or next to the gazebo you see in the photos. Horses have no access there.

In this gazebo in spring and summer (every two weeks) a meeting with wine and food is organized: ŻAR WINE . All campers are welcome. Call and reserve your place, because the number is limited!

During these meetings, food is prepared outdoors. There is one rule. It must be prepared over live fire: on a bonfire, on a grill, on a stove or in a smokehouse. We are enchanted!

Niemczańska Vineyard


At this point, a stop is possible not in the vineyard itself, but at the winery, which is located next to the Niemcza Hotel. When the owner heard a month ago that campers would be happy to come to the vineyard, he immediately put up electricity poles! At the moment, you can connect to electricity in the parking lot under the hotel, but the area around it is so large that the owner already has an idea where else to park campers in this area.

Remember this place, because it's already great here and it will get even better.

Currently, you can also fill up fresh water here and drain gray water, but it is not possible to empty the chemical toilet cassette.

The hotel has a great restaurant and you can also order breakfast. You also have a SPA at your disposal.

The hotel itself is located on the Ślęza River and there are plenty of walking paths along it and around the hotel. 1.5 km from the Niemcza Hotel there is the Arboretum in Wojsławice.

Jaworki Vineyards


We move to Miękinia, where the Jaworkek Vineyards are located.

The photos show a meadow where you can safely park your camper in exchange for purchasing wine or tasting at a winery. Winnice Jaworek is also a hotel with a restaurant, so you can meet here with friends who are not traveling in a mobile home.

As for the vineyard itself, we again learned a lot of interesting facts about Polish wines. Among others that Jaworkek Vineyards are one of the oldest vineyards in Poland! The first vines were planted here 20 years ago. It is worth visiting here for a piece of the history of Polish winemaking, great wine and an amazing, almost Tuscan atmosphere.

500 m from the winery there is the railway station in Miękinia, from where you can catch a train to Wrocław. You can get to the Main Railway Station in Wrocław in 30 minutes.

Vineyards of the Trzebnica Hills


Wines from Wzgórz Trzebnickie Vineyards won as many as 4 medals at the Wino fair in Poznań in April!

The vineyard is very open to campers and they have already told us that they are just starting the construction of a Camper Park with electricity and sewage connections at each plot.

In addition, there is a great playground for children and a tasting room - but for official reasons, it will all be ready only in 2022.

We keep our fingers crossed that the formalities will be completed quickly and we encourage you to visit this magical place.

You can now come here, taste and buy wine, and Rafał (the owner) will show you how to get to his vineyard and spend the night in a safe place.

Anna Vineyard


An amazing vineyard with three different places for campers . Get to know the Anna Vineyard, which is located at the Milicz ponds.

This family vineyard also has orchards, meadows and forests with a total area of almost 50 ha! You can stand in front of the winery, in the vineyard, among the blooming apple trees, and soon even by the pond and use this space as much as you want, resting, walking or riding a bike. You can rent several rooms here, so you can take your "non-camper" friends to this place.

Mr. Darek (owner) will prepare a camper service and several places with electricity for you in June. A stopover is possible in exchange for purchasing a package of selected wines.

We liked the Johanniter wine from 2019 the most, which won the Polish wine competition at the fair in Poznań. So while you're here, be sure to take a few bottles home.

Alvarium vineyard


A camper stop at this vineyard is very intimate. There can be 2 or 3 campers here at once. You basically sleep in the owners' garden. You can use the sauna here (after prior arrangement with the owners). A stopover is, of course, possible after purchasing a wine or tasting package. You must make an appointment for the tasting in advance.

The Alvarium vineyard is located literally right next to the Przemkowskie Ponds. In this nature reserve you can walk along wooden footbridges and forest paths. There are plenty of gravel bike paths here.

The Alvarium vineyard is currently expanding tenfold!

Jadwiga Vineyard


Jadwiga Vineyard has two locations where you can park your camper . The first one can be seen in the photo on the left - in a walnut forest and this place is located next to the winery and the owners' house. You can also shop here and go for a tasting. For now, access to the forest may be difficult, but the owner will try to smooth the road

We have another place to stop a few km from here - on the hills of a vineyard next to an old forest. Entry here is only possible when it is dry, because the road becomes very slippery after rain.

The view from this hill is beautiful, and with a glass of wine in hand it will be even better.

Other Polish vineyards friendly to campers?

Remember that we are creating our vineyard tour together with EnoPortal.pl . Before your tour of vineyards (not only in Lower Silesia), you can read on this website about upcoming events for wine lovers, festivals and, of course, about the wine itself.

Together with Enoportal, we have created a list of Polish camper-friendly vineyards, and the entire list along with the exact location on the map can be found here: 44 Polish camper-friendly vineyards

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