8 tips for getting ready for a campervan stop at a vineyard

8 tips for getting ready for a campervan stop at a vineyard – main image

What can you expect in the vineyard and what to take with you? Read our tips before coming to the vineyard with your motorhome. Remember that vineyards do not accept motorhomes under the same conditions as campgrounds. We know - because we tested it ourselves!

Is the stopover in the vineyards free?

Absolutely not. A stop at the vineyard is priced individually by the owner. Usually, a stopover is possible in exchange for buying a wine or a few wines. However, it happens that you have to pay for the stop or buy other services, such as tasting, dinner in a restaurant or entry to the swimming pool or SPA.

Do I have to make an appointment in advance?

Winemakers have a lot of other work. It happens that they work simultaneously full-time outside the vineyard. They are often out in the field taking care of their crops, or they can simply be outside the vineyard. There is no reception there, so be sure to call at least one day in advance if you want to be sure that you will not bounce off the gate.

Is there camper-service in the vineyards?

I don't think so. Vineyards in Poland are just beginning to accept campers on their premises and they do not have infrastructure for caravanners. Perhaps they will allow you to refuel with water or connect to electricity. However, they do not have professional waste collection points. Some vineyards offer the possibility of pouring waste into their sewage treatment plant or sewage system, but there are literally a handful of them. Therefore, before coming to the winery, make sure you have a camper-service done.

Do not pour waste into the vineyard without consulting the owner first. Perhaps the sewer grate you want to pour something into leads to an ecological wastewater treatment plant. By pouring out the contents of a chemical toilet, you can disturb the bacterial flora in such a sewage treatment plant.

Can I stop with a trailer in the vineyard?

To stop with a trailer in a vineyard, three conditions must be met:

  1. There must be enough space to maneuver the set.
  2. You must have a gray water tank, which you will take with you when refilled - there may not be gray water catchment in the vineyards.
  3. The vineyard should be able to refuel with fresh water.

Can I come to the vineyard with my dog?

Yes and no. This question should be asked to the owner of the vineyard prior to arrival. In most cases, it shouldn't be a problem, but it may happen that you spend the night in the owners' yard where other animals live.

Some vineyards are not fenced, and hares, foxes and deer roam freely - this also needs to be taken into account.

Are the vineyards child-friendly?

As a rule, vineyards do not have facilities for young children . There are vineyards that have a playground and even babysitting during tasting sessions, but they are in the minority. As a rule, young children in vineyards can get bored. For this reason, our children did not want to go on a tour of the vineyards of Lower Silesia with us. They preferred to stay with their grandparents.

The older ones, on the other hand, will be satisfied if they like to rest in the meadows, play in the woods, ride bikes and spend time outdoors.

Tasting, festivals, parties

In addition to stopping, the vineyards offer their guests other interesting services, such as tasting, snack tasting, commented tasting. Sometimes you can buy additional products for wine, such as cheese, fruit, oils, etc.

The vineyards often organize culinary evenings combined with wine tasting, of course, as well as trainings and lectures on wine for those willing to deepen their knowledge in this subject.

What to take with you?

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Blanket
  • Glass glasses
  • A wine box (much easier to bring home wine in a box than loose in cabinets)
  • Powerbank - in most vineyards there is no possibility of connecting to electricity. If you need 230V power in the motorhome, take the converter with you. We use a powerbank from Ecoflow .
  • Additional chemical toilet cassette

It often happens that vineyards provide guests with tasting rooms where you can use the glasses.

Other Polish motorhome-friendly vineyards?


We create our base of Polish motorhome-friendly vineyards together with EnoPortal.pl . Before visiting the vineyard in a motorhome, you can read on this portal about upcoming events for wine lovers, festivals and of course about the wine itself.

You can find a list of motorhome-friendly vineyards here: 44 Polish motorhome-friendly vineyards .

It's not everything!

We also have a ready e-book for you, in which you will find a route through 10 vineyards of Lower Silesia.

It was also created in cooperation with Enoportal.pl - with the support of Kasia Korzeń, whose knowledge about Polish wines is second to none.

To download it for free from our store at www.gdziekamperem.pl use the wine code.

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