A trip to Tuscany


Delicious Florence, cheerful Livorno or historic Siena - there are plenty of places worth exploring in Tuscany, and each of them deserves, if not a separate story, then at least a few words. Especially Siena, a city whose coat of arms is the she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus.

The hills covered with vineyards and olive groves are the flagship of Tuscany. In addition to calming landscapes and greenery that allows the eyes to rest, the region also offers a lot of new experiences for the taste buds. While here, you should try Pappardelle , which is homemade pasta cut into wide strips, or Pappa al Pomodoro, a bread soup with tomatoes. Ribollita, a vegetable soup with cabbage, beans and bread, is also delicious. For dinner, you can order a glass of red Tuscan wine, such as Chianti or Vino Nobile.

Roasted Sienna

If you have planned a longer stay in this nice region, you can start your trip from Siena. The city is an ideal starting point for exploring central Tuscany - you can get to Livorno, Arezzo, Florence or Monteriggioni relatively quickly. Siena is situated between the valleys of two rivers: Elsa and Arbia, on a picturesque hill. The Chianti region, known for the production of the aforementioned wine, is in the vicinity, and we will reach the coast after a 2-hour drive by car. The patron saint of the city is Saint Catherine, and according to legend it was founded by the sons of Remus, one of the twins fed by a she-wolf.

After visiting the city, even the most stereotypical man, knowing only the basic colors, will remember roasted sienna. The characteristic shade of bricks can be seen everywhere, including in one of the greatest attractions of Siena - Piazza del Campo. It is a shell-shaped square surrounded by medieval tenement houses. Crowds sit on it until late at night, lounging on the brick floor. Despite the high prices, most of the tables in the surrounding restaurants are occupied all day long.

Sights of Siena

The famous square is located in the very center, in 1995 completely inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. It is worth knowing that it is banned from car traffic - Siena introduced it as the first in Europe.

While walking the old part of the city, we stop practically every step, delighted with the beauty of the buildings we encounter. The majestic Gothic cathedral, Duomo di Siena , catches the eye. You can feel small and fragile in its rich interiors. Equally beautiful is Palazzo Pubblico, which serves as the town hall, as well as the Torre del Mangia tower and the "merry spring", i.e. the marble fountain called Fonte Gaia.

The city is bustling and full of life. We will hear languages from all over the world in the streets, just like in the Tower of Babel.

"I have green in my head and violets bloom in it"

In search of accommodation, we leave Siena and head south. Driving along the E78 route, we will visit Riserva naturale Farma , where the salamander, smooth snake and kingfisher live. A dense blanket of forests covers high hills, and the stretches of arable fields and pastures please the eyes of tourists. A tiny village, Casciano di Murlo, is hidden among the greenery. It is approximately 27 km from the city of Saint Catherine. The streets are well-kept here, and the houses are well-to-do - a skilled eye will easily spot a few villas with swimming pools.

The place is tiny but cute. There is little where you can relax like here. And here is the perfect place to stay - Camping Le Soline . It is situated on a hill with great views of the surrounding area. The accommodation costs 8.50 euros, and we will pay 8 euros a day for a motorhome pitch. You can come here with a pet (2 euro / day).

People who chose Tuscany to get away from the hustle and bustle and crowds will find peace and quiet among lush greenery. While sipping Chianti, they can forget about God's world here and lie blissfully under the tree.

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