Etruscan Riviera - an amazing corner of Tuscany

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The Tuscan coast is over 320 km long. Its northern section is Versilia - it consists of long, sandy beaches. The other part of the Ligurian Sea is occupied by the Etruscan Riviera. This place is located between three towns - Livorno, Cecina and Piombino. This stretch of coast is characterized by charming coves, volcanic rocks and archaeological sites that remember the Etruscan times.

The Riviera degli Etruschi, or Etruscan Riviera, is famous for its natural wealth and numerous architectural remains. The so-called The Wine Route that starts in Rosignano Marittimo and ends in Piombino. This part of Tuscany is famous for its local wines (eg Cabernet Sassicaia, Ornellaia), pebble beaches and numerous bicycle routes. When traveling through this area of Italy, spend some time exploring the picturesque coastal towns of Livorno, Cecina and Piombino.

A visit to Livorno and Piombino

Livorno is a town full of controversy. On the one hand, you will find majestic tenement houses and famous bars , and one of the largest seaports in the region, and on the other - there are sometimes not very clean streets. The most interesting part of the old town of Livorno lies between two canals. Fishing boats and cutters are moored on both sides of it.


There are many monuments in Livorno. One of the most famous is Fortezza Vecchia , an old fortress that was designed in 1481. The second fortress - Fortezza Nova - was built in the 16th century and was to symbolize the new urban vision of the city. Another interesting monument is the Marzocco tower from the 15th century. It is a seven-story octagonal structure that is completely covered with white marble. The Cathedral of St. Francis from the 16th century, and take a cable car to the Sanctuary of Montenero , located on the hill of the same name.


Another town worth seeing is Piombino. It is surrounded on three sides by the sea, linking the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea at that point. The representative place of the city is Piazza Bovio - the market and the park at the same time. You can see there, among others sundial and medieval lantern.


The main street of Piombino is Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, where the city hall of the Palazzo Comunale di Piombino was located. There are also restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. One of the most important monuments of the town is the castle from the 13th century , which was later rebuilt under the supervision of Leonardo da Vinci himself. Currently, there is a museum there. The Museo del Mare (Museum of the Sea) is located next to the beach and the seaside Piombino Viale del Popolo.

Rest at the resort

The Etruscan Riviera is not only historic towns, but also a great place to relax . It is worth stopping at the Cecina resort for this purpose. The main square of the town is surrounded by restaurants, cafes and shops. However, the most important area of the city is the coastal part, focused mainly on tourism. Right there, a 10-minute walk to the beach, is the comfortable New Camping le Tamerici resort.


The campsite was renovated in 2008, and after the renovation, many more attractions than before. In the center you will find a swimming pool and renovated volleyball and football fields, tennis courts and a pétanque field. There is a playground for children, a paddling pool by the pool, as well as a playroom, where animators prepare activities for children.


At the campsite, guests can rent well-equipped holiday homes with a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and a comfortable patio, where morning coffee tastes exceptionally well. There are also plots with electricity and sanitary connections. It is an ideal proposition for people who come with motorhomes.


New Camping le Tamerici has an extensive culinary background . The resort has a restaurant with Tuscan specialties and a pizzeria, and a poolside bar with snacks, ice cream and colorful cocktails. There is also a grocery store and even a hairdresser at the campsite.

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