Active holiday on the Garda at Camping Village La Gardiola

Active holiday on the Garda at Camping Village La Gardiola – main image

Probably no one doubts that Lake Garda is a tourist pearl of northern Italy, even a symbol of this region. At the same time, it is the cleanest and largest natural freshwater reservoir in all of Italy. Rest on the bank of the Garda, surrounded by forests and mountains, charges the batteries wonderfully. Clean air, peace and quiet, and at the same time a multitude of entertainment options combined with fabulous views make up an offer that has stolen the hearts of millions of tourists. The area of Garda is especially appreciated by enthusiasts of active recreation.

Water sports on Lake Garda


The lake has been attracting water sports enthusiasts for years. A wide range of activities is provided by many sailing, windsurfing and other sports schools. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the use of motorized equipment in the water is prohibited. Inexperienced people can use the services of qualified trainers to spend time on a sailboat or learn to sail on a board. It is worth going to the northern part of the lake, because the winds blowing the surface provide excellent conditions for professional and amateur athletes. This is a unique place on the map of all Europe - Garda is famous for its regular winds, the strength and speed of which depend on the time of day.

In recent years, sport with the use of SUP boards (Stand Up Paddle) has been enjoying considerable interest, not only in northern Italy. Activity rooted in Hawaii was perfectly received by the Garda. SUP can also be used as a yoga platform. The surroundings of the lake create a positive mood and promote relaxation. As a result, it works well as a background for performing asanas and regaining inner balance.

Vacationers who come to Garda like to spend their time exploring the area on their own or in groups. It is hardly surprising given the landscape. Canoeing tourism is equally popular. You can unhurriedly navigate to interesting places along the kilometers of trails crossing the calm waters of the southern and central parts.

Garda is the second deepest natural reservoir in Italy. When we add to it the remarkable cleanliness and clarity of the water, it is easy to understand why the lake is loved by masses of diving fans. This is a great place to explore with a cylinder. Volunteers have the opportunity to test their skills in free diving, freediving and scuba diving. People who have never had contact with these sports have instructors at their disposal. Specialists will be happy to show them what is hidden in the depths of the lake.

Due to its location, Garda is not a warm water body, but there are also many swimming areas. The best beaches are in the south and west. The remaining regions are surrounded by mountains that often descend steeply into the water.

Land activity


Tens of kilometers of cycling and walking routes are only a fraction of the attractions that await you at the Garda. The northern, eastern and western parts of the lake are located at the foot of the mountains. The panorama stretching from the peaks is breathtaking. The views of the lake and the entire region adorn many postcards. It is worth going to Monte Baldo - the landscape can be admired from a height of over 2000 m above sea level. You can get to the top on foot or by a train that departs from Malcesine.

Visiting the surrounding towns is an ideal opportunity to get to know the regional cuisine. And there is really a lot to get to know. The most important points on the tourist map are Riva del Garda , Limone sul Garda and Desenzano del Garda. When visiting one of them, meat lovers can try delicacies such as Carne Salada and dishes based on fish from the lake. Gourmets will love the amazing Trentino wines.

Overnight at Lake Garda


The accommodation infrastructure on the Garda is exceptionally well developed. There are dozens of facilities around the lake offering relaxation at every level, from basic to luxurious. Holidaymakers can choose from large complexes and small campsites. To the south-west is the Baia Holiday chain Camping Village La Gardiola . This intimate resort invites guests to comfortable mobile homes and spacious lots where you can park your vehicle. Apart from that, there are many places to set up a tent. Many attractions await tourists, ranging from hiking and biking routes, through numerous options for water sports, and ending with golf courses and amusement parks.

We have written more about the campsite itself here: Camping Village La Gardiola - a holiday on the shores of Garda

Lake Garda attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. Attractive location, fantastic views and tasty cuisine - it's best to see for yourself that this is a perfect place to relax.

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