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Autumn has many faces. It is associated with leaves rustling under the feet, the sun that warms you pleasantly but not too much, and cooler nights and mornings. In the Polish version, also with rainy weather, cold wind or gray-gray landscape. Despite this, crowds of people love it, including tourists.

The holiday season ends in autumn, but this does not mean that the tourist centers are empty. On the contrary. Both in Poland and abroad, after the holidays, those who do not like crowds, hustle and bustle or hot weather rest. Fans of foreign resorts eagerly choose Italy, where it is still warm at this time. What does Italia offer to holidaymakers? Check it out!

Autumn holiday in Cavallino


Some Italian centers close after the summer holidays, but there are many facilities open all year round or open for at least the next few months. A perfect example is Camping Village Cavallino , located on the coast of Cavallino Treporti, in close proximity to Venice. The location near the Italian tourist pearl is one of the greatest strengths of the campground. Whoever has been to the city at least once in summer knows how crowded it can be. After the holidays, there are slightly fewer people here, so you can visit them calmly.

But location is not the only thing that attracts vacationers to the facility. Camping Village Cavallino welcomes guests until January 10, 2022. What does it mean? That you can spend an autumn vacation in it, come here in winter or celebrate the coming of the New Year. There are plenty of possibilities, especially since the resort has prepared numerous attractions and amenities. Among other things, a new SPA is waiting for guests. To say it is big is to say nothing. Visitors will be delighted with the rich offer, and above all the size of the center. It has an area of over 1840 m² and has a beautiful view of the sea. Anyone who crosses the SPA threshold can count on the support of an employee who will show them around the interior and describe the treatments. Professional massage is just a fraction of the wide range of services offered. Customers can also undergo rituals with the use of natural products, the so-called Beauty Potions or relax on the ViBed bed while listening to soothing music. Those interested have the opportunity to test treatments and massages - just ask the facility staff about it.

Rome in an autumn robe


Camping Village Roma Capitol is also open until January 10, 2022, located in one of the oldest neighborhoods in Rome, Ostia Antica . It is chosen by tourists who want to relax in luxurious conditions, surrounded by greenery. Of course, the location is also important. The proximity of the Eternal City is a huge advantage.

Camping is gradually expanding its offer to attract guests. Among other things, in the coming season, it opens a new water park with an Olympic swimming pool. This resort is worth remembering when it comes to holiday plans.

Autumn relaxation in the bay of Sistiana


Other autumn destinations are open until November 2, 2021. So if you are planning a vacation in Italy, do not hesitate. The first suggestion is Camping Village Marepineta . The resort is located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, around Trieste. The Sistiana Bay tempts with its beauty, and the site itself is located right next to the Rilke Trail. If you love long walks, during which you can admire spectacular views , be sure to go here. The route runs from the bay along the coast and ends at the Duino Castle.

The landscapes can be seen not only from this path, but also from the campground itself. It is true that the swimming pool complex with a solarium zone closes its doors in September, but there will be plenty of attractions for guests. Right next to the pools there is a restaurant, bar and pizzeria overlooking the Gulf of Trieste. The dishes, both delicious and varied, should not be omitted either. The menus include meals for fans of traditional cuisine, vegetarians and vegans as well as people with various types of food intolerances.

In autumn, by the Garda


Do you like Garda? So maybe that's where you spend your fall vacation? Dozens of campgrounds are located around the lake, and among them it is worth noting, among others Camping Village La Gardiola . You will find it in San Felice del Benaco, right on the beach, overlooking the island of Borgese. It's the perfect place to recharge your batteries - and it doesn't matter if you love active rest or blissful relaxation . You can walk in the surrounding hills, ride a bike, enjoy the landscape or enjoy the flavors of regional dishes and wine.

As befits a resort on the Garda, the campsite offers guests a full range of accommodation, including new luxury mobile homes. If you are looking for a comfortable holiday with a guarantee of privacy, you will surely like it here.

Autumn trip to Sardinia


The last suggestions are properties located in Sardinia. A hot island is associated with holidays, but in autumn it shows tourists a completely different, equally charming face. You will find out if you visit Camping Village Laguna Blu . It is located in the northwest of the island, on the border with the Porto Conte Regional Park. If you have not been here yet, we encourage you to come. You will fall in love with this coast! It is full of small coves, sandy beaches and interesting rock formations. Go to Alghero - it's easy to reach by bus.


You will also be delighted with the second recommended property located in Sardinia. Camping Village Isuledda is located in the northern part of the island in the heart of the Gulf of Arzachena. Regon Costa Smeralda enjoys great popularity among tourists. This is easy to understand considering the landscapes here. Camping has recently introduced a few novelties, incl. an artisan ice cream shop appeared there. Not only children visit it willingly.

All the campsites listed above belong to the Baia Holiday chain. They provide guests with luxurious conditions of stay, access to delicious, varied cuisine and plenty of amenities. We encourage you to choose one of them and see how beautiful the autumn edition of Italy can be.

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