Bi Village Holiday Center - a tailor-made holiday

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Are you dreaming of a beach holiday? Or maybe you want to intensively explore regional attractions? Are you going on a family vacation or a weekend with your significant other? Adjust the offer to your needs!

If not most, then a significant proportion of people planning a vacation trip know what they will be doing there. He intends to visit, relax on the beach, devote himself to activities with the whole family or party. However, there are tourists who do not think so far ahead. They book accommodation in a holiday resort, buy meals in the all inclusive option and that is where their plan ends. They check the distance to nearby attractions on site or the animation program of the facility where they are staying. Bi Village Holiday Center offers this group of holidaymakers the possibility to tailor their stay to their individual needs.

Istrian holidays at Bi Village Holiday Center

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The facility is an Istrian camping located in the vicinity of the resort of Fazana, opposite the island of Brijuni. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Bi Village Holiday Center . They come here to breathe fresh air with a pine note. The resort is close enough to the tourist attractions of the region to act as a base. At the same time, you can relax in the bosom of nature.

If you don't know this place yet, we highly recommend it. It will delight you with the beauty of the landscapes, as well as the cleanliness of the beach, water and the aforementioned air. Every year, it receives a distinction in the form of the Blue Flag, which confirms the care for its surroundings.

Tailored holidays

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Those who are still wondering whether to go on vacation to Istria can use the help of a camping advisor. It is enough to contact him to find the best solution together. The employee will take into account the preferences of the potential customer, his activity, the time he intends to spend on the peninsula - in short, he will choose the perfect offer for him. Among the numerous options, there are facilities for families with children, seniors, pet carers and couples in love.

Visitors with limited mobility are also not forgotten. Tourists with disabilities can stay, for example, in the Comfort apartment. It has two bathrooms, including one adapted to their needs. It is allowed to stay in it with animals. The apartments are located near the swimming pool area. There is a special elevator available for guests to enter and exit the water. If you want to use the toilet, you do not have to go back to the room. All sanitary blocks located in the campsite have a bathroom for people with disabilities.

Facilities for campsite guests

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When browsing the offer, it is easy to notice that the most offers are waiting for families with children. You can also see that Bi Village Holiday Center is a holiday complex open to sports enthusiasts. Whether on land or in water, they will find a lot of interesting entertainment for themselves. There are football, volleyball and basketball fields at their disposal. Fans of fitness and tennis (there are courts here) will be satisfied with the choice of the campground. If you like running, you will surely take the route along the coast more than once. She has irretrievably stolen her heart from many people. On the other hand, enthusiasts of aquatic activities can swim, dive, sail or explore the area on a kayak.

Sports enthusiasts can rent a place to stay, guided, among others, by the criterion of the distance from the playgrounds or the beach. For example, they can reserve plots located near a diving center or sports equipment rental. Another option for accommodation are mobile homes that stand near the sports zone. After training, you can return to your mobile home and relax in the shade of the pine forest.

Of course, it is also possible to book accommodation without focusing on this aspect. People expecting relaxation in comfortable conditions will be satisfied with the standard of the apartments.

What's new in the upcoming season?

We guarantee that your stay in this part of Istria will be an unforgettable time for you. Bi Village Holiday Center cares about the well-being of its guests, and also to ensure that they do not get bored. You have a choice of new plots and mobile homes. You can choose a holiday offer that suits your taste and enjoy the proximity of sports fields, the beach and green trees. If you feel like it, you will integrate with other guests or pay attention only to yourself. Whatever you dream of.

Bi Village Holiday Center - a tailor-made holiday – image 1
Bi Village Holiday Center - a tailor-made holiday – image 2
Bi Village Holiday Center - a tailor-made holiday – image 3
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