Bicycle tours in East Moravia - campsites and attractions nearby

Bicycle tours in East Moravia - campsites and attractions nearby – main image

Moravia is a paradise for cyclists! While visiting attractions in the south of the Czech Republic in June, we got to know some of the best paths in the area, which are diverse and will appeal to both families with children and more experienced collages. When describing the paths and attractions, I give the best camping place, but we wrote more about the campsites in this article: Interesting camps in Moravia . In this article you will also find an interactive map of campsites.

Baťův kanál


The bicycle path along the Baťa canal is over 50 km long. Driving along the canal, you drive through as many as 13 locks. It is also possible to take your bike with you on the boat and return to the starting point on board the boat. Many paths depart from the Baťa Canal, along which you can reach, among others in the White Carpathians, where there are several MTB paths.

The best campsite in the area is Slovácký dvůr , but if you prefer to stay closer to the canal, there is a motorhome parking lot right next to the Petrov Marina, where you will pay 200 Kč for one night.


Along the Baťův canal, you can relax in many cafes and marinas. There are many playgrounds and other attractions for children, such as a mini zoo. I also recommend straying from the main bike trail and looking for other attractions in the area. We chose to visit the open-air museum Strážnice, which lies next to the park and the Castle, as well as to the wine shops "wine Plże".



Ten kilometers from the town of Żlin - in Otrokowice - there are several MTB paths. A gentle path runs along the Drevnice River from Otrokovice to Vizovice.

Żlin is a city that will be appreciated primarily by architecture fans. The history of this city, created by the founder of Baťa, is very interesting and if you want to get to know more, you should first go to the free vantage point on the top floor of the skyscraper, which now houses the Tax Office . This building used to be the office of Tomasz Bata. The paternoster is still running in the building!

In the city, it is worth taking a walk in the park and driving to "Filmový uzel Zlín", a film studio with an interactive museum and workshops where you can create your own film animations.

The best dinner with a view of the town of Żlin is at Restaurace Bistrotéka Valachy .


A bit further from the center (8 km) it is worth going to the Zlin Zoo and the Leśna Palace . You can park your camper at the free parking lot no.5 here.

The best camping in the area is: Eurocamping Bojkovice

Luhačovice - spa


Luhačovice is the most popular spa in Moravia. It has been modernized in recent years, but beautiful historic hotels have remained. The most pleasant in this place is certainly a walk along the entire spa, where you can drink free healing water at the same time, but for fans of two wheels, there will be 3 short bicycle routes around the spa, 14 to 20 km long.

Campsite: Autocamping Luhačovice

Lower and Upper Beczwa


This area is surrounded by great flat bike paths running along the rivers, as well as some interesting routes on a very diverse terrain for fans of cycling climbing.

The first option is a trip along two rivers: Dolna and Górna Beczwa. Along Dolna Beczwa we went with our 4-year-old who did a great job.

In this area, it is worth visiting the Wallachian Open-Air Museum, i.e. the Valašské muzeum v přírodě . This place is friendly to cyclists. Bicycles can be left in a secure, locked bicycle room. You can spend the whole day in the open-air museum. It is a huge area with several restaurants and kiosks with snacks and souvenirs. There is a lot of space to relax at every step.

Along the way along the Upper Bechva, you can relax at the lake here called Czech Balaton . There is a sandy beach here, a restaurant, and a jump. There is also a car park for motorhomes.


If, however, you like sharp climbs, it is worth turning from Górna Beczwa towards Ski Center Kohutka . You can also go there by car or camper, and at the top you can simply admire the views or walk along the trail along the Slovak border.

If you choose to start along the Upper Bechva Velke Karlovice, you should know that there is also a parking lot for motorhomes with electricity! There is a ski center and an aquapark in Velkie Karlovce.

Best campsite in the area: Camping Rožnov .

Trail (walking) in the treetops


Finally, I suggest the hiking path near Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, which is one of the most popular attractions in the area, namely the treetop path: Stezka Valasska . Being in this place, it is worth booking even a whole day, because this place offers several mountain hiking trails. You can go to the top with chairs, a car or a camper. There are beautiful traditional buildings at the top, as well as modern restaurants. The most popular trail is the walk to the top of Radegast.

Best camping in the area: Camping Rožnov .

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