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The story of Grado can begin with the fact that it is the part of Italy to which we have the closest from Poland. It is a beautiful resort on the island of the same name, on the waters of the Adriatic Sea. This is not just any island - you can easily get to it by land. It is enough to cross the bridge and cross a dike for a few sections. Grado is a great option for a long weekend or longer vacation, and it is also very easy to reach the main attractions of the region. Surrounded by the landscapes of the Venetian Lagoon, it guarantees an enjoyable holiday.


Vacation in Grado

People planning a vacation in terms of sunbathing will be delighted during their holidays in Friuli-Venezia Giulia . The beaches here are considered to be exceptionally beautiful, especially when it comes to the beaches of Grado. This picturesque town has beautiful, wide and sandy beaches that few places on the Venetian Lagoon can match. The evening walk along the seashore is especially memorable, when the water recedes and reveals dozens of shells. Romantics sit on the sand to admire the sunsets, the beaches also encourage picnics.


More active people enjoy the landscapes while jogging along the shores of the Adriatic. It is also worth mentioning that Grado is the end station of the Alpe-Adria , a long-distance bicycle route that runs all the way from Salzburg. The whole town is crossed by paths for cyclists, and thanks to the signs, it is easy to reach, for example, the Valle Cavanata reserve, where many species of birds live. Tourists who do not have their own two-wheeler can rent it at several points in Grado. As it is a fishing village, the dominant element of the landscape are boats moored in the canals, and the menu of local restaurants is dominated by fish and seafood dishes. Many people drool at the mere thought of sepe sofegae, squid stew, or boreto alla graisana, a mixture of fish seasoned with garlic and wine vinegar. Grado cuisine delights with the freshness of ingredients, although the recipes themselves are simple. You can eat a delicious dish in many points, and the best restaurants include, among others Osteria di Mare in the fishing port and Trattoria San Lucia in the center.

Rest on the Adriatic

This part of the Venetian Lagoon is considered by many to be the most wild, almost unspoiled, which is why nature lovers love it. Staying here provides the opportunity to commune with nature and calm down. Birdwatching fans will get up more than once in the early morning to observe the local feathered fauna with binoculars in their hands.


Even from the main bridge, it is easy to spot flamingos and herons soaking in the waters of the lagoon. When relaxing on the island, it is worth taking advantage of the fact that it is an ideal starting point for trips to Italy , Croatia, Slovenia or Austria, especially as it is closer from Grado to Vienna than, for example, to Naples. But also, moving mainly within the island, we will not get bored. It is a great pleasure for tourists to visit the main town, with an emphasis on its charming old part with two Byzantine temples. Grado is full of small, narrow streets, and the main squares are home to numerous cafes and restaurants, bustling at all times.

Camping on the island of Grado

Grado guarantees a great holiday for everyone, especially for families with children, for whom a whole lot of entertainment awaits on the island. In its most beautiful part there is a large tourist center - Tenuta Primero Holiday and Sport Club . As the name suggests, it is perfect for enthusiasts of active recreation. Windsurfing and sailing are just a fraction of the wide range of water sports that can be practiced here. The club has access to a large sandy beach, so beach lovers will feel like they are in paradise. The resort has a camping, where, apart from several accommodation options, vacationers will find, among others, a restaurant praised by guests, a well-stocked supermarket, a barbecue hut and a swimming pool. The club has been operating for over 50 years - it is one of the main tourist attractions in the north-eastern part of Italy. It is called the "Golden Island". Doesn't that sound appealing?

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