Camping and hotel for families with children in the Dolomites - Caravan Park Sexten

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Do you remember how, while traveling around Italy this year, we showed you a 5-star campsite in the Dolomites with treehouses, where there is no kitchen, but there is a sauna? Today I will show you this campsite from a slightly different side - the winter side. Because it is a year-round campsite that has two high seasons - one in summer and the other in winter.

Camping and hotel in the mountains

Caravan Park Sexten impresses from the moment you enter. It lies at the foot of the famous peaks of Tre Cime or Drei Zinnen in German. The campsite is located in Italy, in the province of Bolzano, but very close to the border with Austria - hence the two names for the same mountain. South Tyrol is a place where the German language is mainly spoken and you can also expect cleanliness and order like in Austria.

You will be positively surprised by how fantastically designed the entire campsite is. All details are refined so that they work well together. From the arrangement of plots and buildings to the smallest details such as fences or door and window fittings. Imagine that even the camping lighting is designed so that it does not stand out from the rest, e.g. lamps illuminating paths and electricity connection boxes on the pitches are "hidden" in wooden logs. The design of wooden elements is handled by a separate employee who ensures that the wood matches the other elements at the campsite.


The owners care about the ecology of this place and the campsite lives in harmony with the local surroundings. They use solar energy to power the entire facility, and in the SPA you will find treatments and cosmetics that use local minerals.

Interestingly, a few years ago the owner bought a wooden mountain shelter that was intended for demolition. He dismantled them board by board and moved them several dozen kilometers away to his campsite. The same owner has been running the center for 40 years. He first established a small campsite as a place to relax for owners of trailers and campers. Now, in addition to standard plots, the place has hotel buildings, holiday cottages, tree houses, luxury plots with their own bathrooms, several restaurants and other amenities which I will write about later.

Campsite and hotel with swimming pool

One of the amenities is an amazing SPA and wellness with swimming pools with very warm water (31 degrees Celsius) where you can simply relax like in a large bathtub after a whole day outdoors.


There is a large space near the pools where you can relax on sun loungers. The swimming pool is open all day, and in the afternoon there is also an outdoor swimming pool with a fireplace in the SPA zone. I can't list all the types of saunas there are, and new ones were created this year! After leaving the saunas, you can even cool down in a mountain stream. Just be careful not to swim under the fence separating some of the saunas from the restaurant ;)


In this part of the facility there is also a gym and a small shop where you can buy natural cosmetics with local minerals, made on site by the campsite.

Attractions for children – will children get bored?

If you are afraid to go camping in winter with children, I guarantee you that you will be more comfortable here than in many apartments or hotels. Let's start with the fact that there is a special children's club open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. There are lots of toys and games there. There is also always an animator who conducts different art and music classes every day. If your child is independent, he or she can stay in this club without parental supervision. Every day at 4 p.m. the club shows films for children in a real cinema. There is one downside to this place - our Maks didn't want to leave there, even to eat ;)


There is of course a swimming pool available to all guests for an additional fee. The water in the main pool is warm, and for the youngest children there is an additional small pool with even warmer water (34 degrees Celsius) and sand with toys!


Once a week, between 1-3 p.m., children can also enter the sauna with their parents.

There is also a free climbing wall at the campsite.

Caravan Park Sexten

Running and hiking trails run straight from the campsite, so there is plenty of room for walks, even with a sports stroller or a bicycle trailer adapted to be pulled on cross-country skis.

Bathrooms – where will I bathe?

Well, you already know that your child won't be bored, but you are worried about how you will bathe your children at the campsite? There are several heated bathing rooms throughout the area, which are warmer than your bathroom once you step through the threshold. It's even warmer beyond. The shower cabins are huge and have a small vestibule where you can easily hang your outer clothes. You can easily enter such a cabin with your child. In addition to shower cabins, each sanitary building has cabins with only washbasins. It's also warm here, just like in the shower, so you can easily change your clothes or dry yourself.


In addition, each sanitary facility has a room for bathing and changing babies with a bathtub and a so-called hairdryer. babyroom .

In addition, each guest has the opportunity to purchase a private bathroom , where you can keep cosmetics, towels, etc. throughout your stay.

Where to ski in the Dolomites?

The nearest ski lifts near Sexten are approximately 2.5 km from the campsite and can be reached by skiing along the river via a special ski slope. Unfortunately, you have to go back by ski bus, but don't worry , the ski bus runs all day and is free. Moreover, in this region you can ski in as many as 6 ski resorts connected by one ski pass with a total length of 110 km of slopes.


Where to keep your ski equipment?

The campsite offers a special place to store sports equipment and clothes, along with a drying room, so you don't have to worry about your clothes being wet the next day. There are special rooms with shoe dryers in holiday cottages. Each house has its own room. Premium plots have their own drying rooms and even their own bathrooms with a bathtub, a large shower and a terrace for relaxing.

What if I don't ski?

You can go camping in winter, of course, if you don't ski or snowboard. This region offers a lot of attractions beyond skiing. You can find out the details directly at the campsite and, for example, if you are interested in hiking in the area, you can even hire a guide or take a map and go on your own. If part of your family skis and you don't, you can go there on foot and meet them on the slope in a restaurant.

You can rent snowshoes , winter electric bikes , fat bikes or even snowmobiles at the reception.


You can go to one of several nearby towns (San Candido, Bruneck) thanks to the Holiday Pass that you receive at the reception, you can use the train and bus for free in the area.

On special request, you can even arrange a helicopter or paraglider flight over the Sesto Helm area with views of the Dolomites .

Do you want to go camping in winter?

So what? Have I convinced you to go camping in the Alps for the winter? If so, write to us at [email protected] or [email protected] because this year we are organizing a camper trip to this 5-star campsite . We already have the entire weekly plan, which we will be happy to send to you by e-mail. The plan is adapted for families with children and will appeal to both people who would like to ski or snowboard all week, as well as those who prefer to do something other than just skiing.

The daily schedule is planned in such a way that there will be no time for boredom, and at the same time there will be plenty of time for rest and integration.

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