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The Zeller See reservoir is a beautiful place that has already stolen many hearts. Every year it is visited by thousands of people who love the landscapes of the Alps and the High Tauern Mountains. Many of them stay here longer, for example at Camping Panorama Camp Zell am See . Clean air, birds singing in the morning, the view of the snow-covered peaks even in summer and the lake surface shimmering in the background - what more could you want while relaxing in the mountain surroundings?

Accommodation at the campsite


The facility is located about 500 m from the southern shore of the lake, less than 1.5 km east of the town of Schuttdorf. It offers guests places for a tent, pitches for campers and trailers, and the option of renting a luxury apartment. All places have access to an electrical connection and water and sanitary facilities. For those looking for comfort, there are two cottages equipped with all amenities. They have a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, vacationers also have access to TV and the Internet.

Camping Panorama Camp Zell am See is a year-round tourist site where you can stay with your dog. Guardians of pets should remember to book their stay in advance.

Beach at the campground

The campsite does not have direct access to the beach - the Zeller See lake is just a short walk away. Before we reach the shore, we can admire the beauty of nature in all its glory. The area of the Zell am See-Kaprun nature reserve, a haven of peace and home to hundreds of bird species, is in the vicinity. The Naturschutzgebiet Zeller See area, belonging to the Natura 2000 program, attracts ornithology enthusiasts like a magnet.

Attractions and animations for children

The campsite has a playground with a sandbox, carousel and swings. A big attraction is the paperclip tower adored by kids. In addition, families with children willingly visit the nearby zoo, where they live, among others rabbits and ponies.

It is hard to imagine a better place for young - and not only - wild nature enthusiasts. The area is extremely picturesque, and is also inhabited by numerous species of animals (including rare ones). Those who cannot imagine their rest otherwise than on the route, can go to the mountains and wander the local trails for hours.

Other amenities


Panorama Camp Zell am See has a grocery store where you can buy fresh bread every day. In summer, those willing to rent a bike without any problems, and in winter, a ski bus runs. At the reception, we will obtain the necessary information on topics related to the stay at the campground, e.g. where to buy a gas cylinder, what are the conditions of fishing in the lake or where you can go on a trip.

What to see in the area?


The surroundings of the campsite encourage many hours of hiking in the mountains - the region is adorned with the peaks of 30 three thousand meters. The lake itself invites you to water madness, swimming or even blissful rest by the shore. Architecture enthusiasts will have plenty of opportunities to explore the local sights, including the famous Fischhorn Castle.

The region has a lot to offer in all seasons. In winter, it is a mecca for skiers and snowboarders, who can use nearly 130 km of groomed slopes and several dozen lifts. In summer, amateurs of individual and group trips will enjoy kilometers of trails leading to the most beautiful places. The landscapes of the Hohe Tauern National Park, the Kitzbühel Alps and the Salzburg Alps are breathtaking and will be remembered by everyone who sees them.

During a holiday by the lake, it is worth visiting the city of Mozart, Salzburg and see what it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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