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The majestic Eastern Alps spread out to the north, the Venetian Plain in the center, and the Gulf of Trieste to the south - such views await anyone who wants to visit Friuli-Venezia Giulia. It is famous not only for its spectacular landscapes, but also for its resorts that are teeming with life all year round. Tourists spend their winter holidays here on the slopes, while in summer they flock to the southern part of the region. Places such as Grado or Lignano Sabbiadoro are famous all over the world.

In the vicinity of the Bay of Trieste we will see, above all, kilometers of beautiful beaches washed by warm, clean water. The area is also known for the wonderful white cliffs that have been carved by the sea for millions of years. They can be admired from various points, and one of them is the Duino Regional Park.

Overnight at the Duino reserve


Riserva Naturale Regionale delle Falesie di Duino is located approximately 8 km southeast of Monfalcone. It was founded in 1996 and currently covers 107 hectares of a protected belt right on the Gulf of Trieste. The area includes a forest and a coastal part, consisting of steep cliffs falling straight into the water.

Tourists planning to stay in this part of Italy can take advantage of the Baia Holiday offer. In the immediate vicinity of the reserve, Duino is located on the cliff with a panoramic view of the Camping Village Mare Pineta Baia Sistiana bay. Guests of the resort can count on a full package of accommodation options. People requiring a comfortable stay will love the cosily furnished apartments. Couples and larger groups also like spacious mobile homes. In addition, the campsite has large lots waiting for caravanning enthusiasts.

Holidaymakers can eat at home (in apartments, cottages or campers) or in a restaurant. In addition, the campsite has swimming pools and the entertainment team is provided by the entertainment team. Like the rest of the Baia Holiday chain, Camping Village Mare Pineta Baia Sistiana is an intimate and well-equipped resort.

The amazing fauna and flora of Duino


The Duino Reserve has a lot to offer to people who want to get to know its corners. It is famous for its limestone cliffs, the beginning of which goes back to the chalk. About 100 million years ago, as a result of the deposition of shells on the bottom of the sea, a rock coating began to form. About 30 million years ago, the bottom rose as a result of the movements of the earth's crust and the limestone was pushed up. Erosion and waves have formed the present shape of the Gulf of Trieste coast, dominated by high cliffs. Unique formations are found in the Duino area - high and steep cliffs can be seen at every turn. The reserve is protected due to its natural value.

The area can be divided into two zones: the warmer cliff part and the colder part, exposed to the winds blowing from the north. Such conditions generate large differences in the shape of the region, primarily the diversity of flora. Mediterranean vegetation dominates in the cliff part, while in the highlands there is a pine forest and typical Balkan species. The ridge of the cliffs is where the plants from both parts meet and permeate.

The fauna is also extremely rich. In the warmer part, you can meet numerous varieties of reptiles, including snakes and lizards, and in the colder part, typical land mammals such as squirrels. Besides, there are numerous birds in Duino. More than 150 species have been registered, mainly migratory varieties. The reserve is only a stop on their way. The sea part directly adjacent to the cliffs is shallow. The wide access of sunlight favors the development of many species of plants and aquatic animals.

Attractions for tourists - Rilke's path

A lot of walking routes have been created in the reserve, among which the Rilke's path deserves special attention, which can also be reached directly from Camping Village Mare Pineta Baia Sistiana . The route is about 2 km long, crosses the park and also connects the towns of Duino and Sistiana. There are viewpoints along the path, from which there is a magnificent view of the reserve and the Gulf of Trieste.

There is a picnic and rest area on the Rilke's route. It is worth using it, because the route is not the easiest one. It runs along steep cliffs and is secured by a wooden balustrade. Part of the path is also available for people with disabilities. Bicycles are not allowed in the reserve.

Duino Regional Park is a magical place on the map of Italy. It's really worth getting to know them.

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