Bürstner Campeo 4x4 - off-road toddler

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The Campeo range, as the successor to the City Car series, entered Bürstner's offer in 2020. At CMT in Stuttgart in January 2021, the raisin of this model line was shown, namely the new 4x4 off-road motorhome. Curious? We invite you to read!

Contrary to other Campeo cars based on Fiat Ducato, the 4x4 model features a Citroen Jumper measuring only 541 cm in length. Off-road bravery requires a short wheelbase, so this choice seems to be the most justified from a pragmatic point of view. The car is 265 cm high and 208 cm wide. The French company Dangel, specializing in dedicated modifications to Citroen cars, is responsible for the 4x4 drive.

The OFFROAD package makes the difference


In terms of the interior layout, the Campeo 4x4 is a twin structure to the Campeo C540. In everyday use, the attached 4x4 drive does not have a beneficial effect on driving comfort and can be deactivated with one button. This motorhome shows its true off-road face on the off-road - and here the Jumper as a base copes well both with the mass of additional elements that make up the drive and with uneven terrain, while remaining maneuverable enough (wheelbase is only 345 cm). The optional OFFROAD package for this model seems indispensable - it includes an increase in ground clearance (22 mm at the front and 60 mm at the rear), a differential lock for the rear axle, underbody protection, wheel arch extensions and all-terrain tires.

Everywhere for the family


At the back there is a large transverse bed with dimensions of 197x130, which can be easily folded, providing a gigantic space for transporting luggage, sports equipment and whatever your heart desires. Optionally, you can order a lifting roof with an additional 2-person bed (dimensions 200x135 cm). Another option is a bed in the living room - modifying the couches and lowering the table allows you to conjure up additional sleeping 180x80 cm.


The motorhome is equipped with a bathroom with a shower cubicle, a washbasin and a toilet. Opposite you will find a compact kitchen with a two-burner cooker, a sink and an under-counter refrigerator with a capacity of 62 liters. The car takes 100 liters of clean water on board, and the gray water tank holds 65 liters.

4 seats with seat belts and a relatively low tare weight in running order of 2,745 kg (standard) with a GVM of 3,500 kg allow for a family holiday off the beaten track.

An investment for years

From the outside, Bürstner attracts attention with elements emphasizing its off-road character. The body colors are kept in a practical gray color, and the plastics (and rightly so) are unpainted. Numerous options for choosing upholstery, furniture decors, body colors and optional additional packages (such as Active4) will give your car individuality. High-quality insulation and construction of a reputable brand are, in turn, factors contributing to a low loss of value and trouble-free resale.

The representative in our country is the company Bürstner Polska - www.buerstner.pl
Currently available vehicles can be found here: https://www.buerstner.com/de/en Sprzedaż-kamperow-i-przęk-kawodowych/

Authorized dealers and service partners:

ELCAMP RV Kraków - www.elcamp.pl
Warsaw Caravanning Center - www.wcc.pl

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