Ilusion XMK 730 and off you go!

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Vacation is a good time for longer journeys, those not limited to one destination. Then it is good to have a bigger car that will not only allow you to take the entire package, but also provide more space inside. The driving pleasure cannot be overestimated either.

All this, at a reasonable price, is provided by the Spanish Ilusion XMK 730. It is suitable for both a family and a group of friends.

Modern and ecological

The Ilusion on the Citroen chassis looks quite modern. It is 7.3 m long, 2.35 m wide and 2.75 m high. It is designed for 4 people (optionally 5), the same number will sleep in it.


The car uses a 2.0 HDI engine. The manufacturer boasts low CO2 and nitrogen emissions (meets Euro 6 standards), as well as high efficiency and very low fuel consumption. ABS, BAS and ASR systems are available in each version.

Thanks to the new front spoiler, the car has good aerodynamics. It is resistant to gusts of wind - both front and side. The manufacturer reinforced the roof to ensure better resistance to weather conditions, e.g. hail.

The car was equipped with Saintz windows in aluminum frames. There is a skylight above the cab, thanks to which the spacious interior is additionally brightened with the sun. In addition, LED lighting (both on the floor and ceiling) allows you to move freely, for example at night, without waking other people by turning on the light in the rooms.


The illuminated trunk is accessible from two sides, which makes packing and unpacking the car much easier, especially after dark.

Well thought out interior

The XMK 730 model is a gem that stands out from the entire series. It has a lot of storage space. Lockable shelves fit the entire wall of the bedroom. The rear, rounded double bed draws attention. On both sides of it, like in a real bedroom, there are bedside tables and wardrobes. There is a window above the bed, so at night you can admire the stars right above our heads. There are practical drawers under the bed, and a small storage space in the floor near the bed.


Another variation is the separation of the shower and bathroom - a shower on the right, a bathroom on the left. It has a closed shelf for the necessary utensils. The sunroof provides access to light.

The manufacturer also decided to divide the kitchen area. The fridge is next to the bathroom, and the rest of the L-shaped kitchen behind the shower cubicle. The cooker has 3 burners and there are cupboards underneath it. So we have separate zones there, just like in a flat.


In the living area you will find a table with a sofa and armchairs. At night it turns into a bedroom thanks to the electrically lowered bed. Storage compartments are also located in the walls above the heads of the driver and passenger, although they are suitable for storing rather small things. The table is adjustable and can be set in any position.


The interior features a stain-resistant Teflon upholstery. The manufacturer offers 6 combinations to choose from: Sahara, Chocolate, Graphite, Oasis, Sunrise and Malaga. The retail price suggested by the manufacturer is PLN 250,000 gross in the basic version with excise duty (excluding transport).

Where to watch

If you want to see the Ilusion XMK 730 with your own eyes, it is worth going to the Dandis Camping Center, which offers Carthago, Malibu and Illusion vehicles.

Dandis also installs additional equipment for caravans and motorhomes. In the store you can buy camping equipment, racks, power generators, reversing cameras, RTV and many other things needed at the campsite.

The company also deals with the servicing of motorhomes of all brands. Qualified employees will help you solve any problem related to the motorhome.

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