Motorhome up to 3.5t, i.e. light Frankia NEO

Motorhome up to 3.5t, i.e. light Frankia NEO – main image

Frankia NEO is a real camping car for two people, intended for amateur drivers, i.e. those with a category B driving license.

Thanks to the use of ingenious solutions and light materials from Frankia, it was possible not to exceed the critical value of the gross vehicle weight (GVW) - 3.5 tons.

Light motorhome construction

Built on the chassis of a very comfortable Mercedes Sprinter, Frankia NEO has front-wheel drive. Assuming not to exceed 3.5 tons and maintaining a comfortable interior, the car had to lose excess kilograms, so the structure is slimmer than usual, without losing the highest quality known from other motorhomes of this manufacturer. The side walls and the floor are made of aluminum , only the ceiling is made of GRP. The dimensions of the car are 6980/2240/2900 mm. It is designed for two people .


Frankia's goal was to create a light and compact car with a modern look. This is probably why it was decided to use the gray and white colors inside and the white and black body. The impression of modernity is enhanced by high-set, horizontal lights.


Another distinguishing feature of the new model is the wide tailgate , which makes loading very convenient. The height of the hatch is 120 cm. There is also a second access to the luggage space - on the right side of the car. However, Frankia did not give up on the well-known and popular solutions, such as the characteristic for the brand, double floor , ensuring good insulation and additional storage compartments.

Clever solutions inside


Although it is a car for only two people, the interior is impressive. The low DMC has been achieved not only by slimming the structure, but also the equipment. The beds are mounted not on classic plank frames, but on a special, very durable plastic . There are lockers under the beds. There is a pull-out shelf on the left side of the mattress, and on the right you will find a mini-wardrobe with a bar for hangers . There are also rows of cabinets above the heads of the rest. We go up the stairs to the bedroom - there we find two separate beds.


The bathroom has been very cleverly designed , with a sliding toilet and a sink installed, thanks to which the space of a shower cubicle is created. In addition, you can alternately pull out either the washbasin or the toilet.




In the kitchen part, an additional worktop is pulled out not from the side, but from the front. The worktop is also the sink cover. However, it is quite small and you can put there only a pot or other small vessel. The two-burner cooker allows you to prepare small meals. What you should appreciate is the Dometic refrigerator, which opens from two sides .


5 people can sit at the table. An additional table top slides out from under the main table top and of course it can be set in several positions. There is a small storage space in the floor behind the entrance steps.

Frankia Neo prices start at 74,900 euros. If you are interested in seeing this really cool motorhome , it will be shown at the Camper Caravan Show in Nadarzyn (October 18-20, 2019), at the CarGO stand.

Motorhome up to 3.5t, i.e. light Frankia NEO – image 1
Motorhome up to 3.5t, i.e. light Frankia NEO – image 2
Motorhome up to 3.5t, i.e. light Frankia NEO – image 3
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