How much is a new motorhome?

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How much do you have to pay for a new motorhome? Everyone who starts to be interested in caravanning asks a similar question at some point. The differences in the prices of motorhomes of different brands are huge, but it is worth being aware that there is more to the higher price than "just" the brand and the manufacturer's reputation.

I've been planning an article on this subject for a long time, but finally I was inspired to write it by a visit to the Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf . There, I could directly compare both the prices of the vehicles on display next to each other, as well as assess their "organoleptically" quality.

Unfortunately, the basic conclusion is one: the price of the motorhome matters . Generally, every 10,000 euro in price is a qualitative gap. If you think that by paying for a new motorhome cheaper, you will not only save money, but also get a vehicle as well made as in a more expensive company, in most situations you will be wrong.

And although the photos show a motorhome for 35,000. euro can look almost identical to the one for 45 thousand. euros, and even like this for 60 thousand. if you were able to compare them directly, you would probably see the reasons why these prices are so different.

The cheapest motorhome - for how much?

In terms of price, motorhomes with an alcove are the best. The champion of low prices seems to be the Bela Easy brand, which advertises the 5.90 m long Macau model with a price "from 31,990 euros" . Up to 5 people can sleep inside. The base in this case is a Citroen with a 110-horsepower engine. The Bela Trendy 1XS model visible in the photo, although smaller, cost from 35,990 euros.


XGO (private brand of the Palmowski motorhome dealer) also has an interesting offer. According to the company's website, the cheapest model with an alcove is the 6.5-meter, 4-seat Dynamic 20 model with a Fiat chassis and 130 hp engine. It costs just under 35,000. euro. However, models with prices "from 33,999 euros" were also promoted at the fair.

It seems that this price is the absolute minimum . Unfortunately, if we decide on a vehicle in the price class below 45 thousand. euro, we must be aware that the manufacturer's priority was price, not quality. And this, in turn, may be reflected in the quality of the materials used, production technology, quality of assembly, or in the equipment used.

Unfortunately, during the fair, in some models, these savings could be seen with the naked eye - sometimes it was scary to touch the furniture, because it gave the impression that it was about to fall apart. Cheap materials could also be recognized by a specific smell.

Smaller costs more

Since a motorhome with an alcove, 6.5 meters long, is available at a price of approx. PLN 30-40 thousand. euros, maybe we can buy something smaller for less? Nothing more wrong!

Small vehicles, as a rule, do not belong to the category of the cheapest cars. A cheap camper van (e.g. XGO or Clever ) can cost similarly (but usually a bit more) to a semi-integrated camper with an alcove. In the case of a model of a renowned brand such as Knaus , the price will be higher - for example, the Knaus Boxlife 540 model with a 115 hp Fiat engine costs from 41,770 euros . Prices for the Hobby Vantana start at €45,420.


The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Camp, branded by Reimo, visible in the photo, already costs over PLN 52,000. euro. The Polish novelty, the 5-meter Globe-Traveller Swift based on the new Fiat Talento, costs PLN 53,000. euro.

As the manufacturer's representative explained to us, this price is due to two reasons. The first is the company's policy, which focuses on the use of high-quality components, not putting the low price first. The second is a greater degree of innovation and, as a result, the complexity of the entire structure and production . Simply put - it is easier to put a toilet and beds in a 6.5-meter van than to adapt a small van to a residential function.

Some models with modular construction that combine the function of a van and accommodation may be cheaper. For example, the Polish WaveCamp offered Volkswagen-based models at the fair at prices starting at EUR 35,490.

Caravan Salon Dusseldorf 2017

But it's still more than for the basic alcove Bela Easy. So if the price is a priority for you, you should definitely not go for the smallest vehicles. In the case of motorhomes, smaller does not mean cheaper .

How much does a mid-range motorhome cost?

And so we come to the answer to the question of how much a large, family motorhome costs, which will be modern, decently equipped, well-made - so one that will become our dream of carefree traveling.

I will not write here about top-shelf motorhomes, although liners were also available at the fair at prices over 1 million euros. However, much, much cheaper, because from 65 thousand. EUR you can buy an integrated Knaus - Van I motorhome , and 5 thousand. Euro more expensive - Sky I. As usual, models with much more expensive equipment were exhibited at the fair, but here the quality really made a good impression. The starting price of the Knaus Sun I 700 shown in the photo is 87,480 euros.


The cheapest motorhome of the same brand are currently the models L!ve TI and L!ve Traveler at prices from PLN 50,000. euro . And it is from this price level (EUR 50-60 thousand) that well-made, well-equipped, semi-integrated motorhomes start. This is probably the most universal and at the same time short answer that can be given to the question asked in the title.

Or maybe a trailer?

If you have funds at the level of 20-35 thousand. euro, a reasonable solution may be to buy a caravan . In this price range, you will have a choice of many well-equipped and modern caravans of good brands, including the one shown in the picture - Knaus Deseo (approx. EUR 20,000).


Anyway, if we do not care about the latest design, in the case of trailers with a price you can go much lower. For example, Dethleffs C'joy or Adria Aviva cost from approx. PLN 11,000. euros, and there are also cheaper offers on the market.

Shop wisely

A new camping vehicle, especially a motorhome, is never cheap. No matter how much you earn, buying a touring car will always be a heavy burden on your household budget. However, if you are going to make your dream come true, try to make it a well-thought-out purchase, not just the cheapest one.

This is not to say that vehicles from the lower price range are not worth buying at all. Everyone makes their own decisions. I just want to point out that when using a "bargain" offer, you should be aware that the lower price did not come from the good heart of the seller , but from the lower value and poorer quality of the entire vehicle. An expensive purchase is not a guarantee that the vehicle will meet all your expectations, but the "cheapest" one is much more likely to be disappointing.

P.S. All prices quoted are for the German market.

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First camping trip - how to prepare?

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