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Tourists who dream of relaxing by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea eagerly visit Sardinia. This beautiful Italian island has many beaches and crystal clear blue water. Beach lovers can have a hard time choosing a location, there are so many great places here. A good idea for a successful holiday is to come to Alghero. The resort is located on the west coast of the island, and thanks to its location (it stretches along the shore for several km), it has something to tempt sunbathers with. Among the numerous tourist facilities located in it or next to it, the large Camping Village Laguna Blu, located in the immediate vicinity of the Maria Pia beach, considered the most beautiful in the area, deserves attention.

Camping in Sardinia

Camping Village Laguna Blu offers guests spacious, pleasantly shaded pitches along the shores of the lagoon. Both lovers of sleep in a tent, as well as in a caravan or motorhome will find their place here. Those who need more space can rent a cottage and greet the day each morning on the wooden porch overlooking the bay. In the event of the vagaries of the weather, you can use, for example, satellite TV in the cottage, and when the day is beautiful and sunny (that is most of the year), vacationers can enjoy wonderful beaches stretching along the northwest coast of Sardinia.


Sardinia for the active

The area surrounding Camping Village Laguna Blu will delight not only nature lovers. Sports enthusiasts will feel like in paradise here - and it's not just about those who plan to rarely get out of the water. The most popular sports in the area are sailing, diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and SUP (Stand Up Paddle). We will put the sails in the beautiful bay in front of the campsite, divers also have easy access to attractions. The camping beach is located in the Capo Caccia area, tempting with wonderful landscapes stretching below the water surface. As the waves that cover this part of the coast are not very big, surf enthusiasts may be a bit less satisfied. However, the bay certainly has something to compensate for the lack of opportunities to go crazy on the board.

It is a great idea to combine physical activity with getting to know the attractions of the area. One option is to rent a canoe, another - a boat trip. It allows you not only to admire the beauty of landscapes, but also, among others, dolphin watching. If we choose the Progetto Natura offer, we will have a guarantee of close contact with nature, but with full respect for its rights. Cruise occupancy requires reservations about a month in advance, so it is worth remembering about it before a trip to Sardinia . During the course, tourists are taken to the reserve, where they meet the dolphin families, and when they return they have the opportunity to dive in the bay (stopover).


Campsite guests have access to a well-equipped gym. They can also improve their fitness in the fresh air, such as jogging along the lagoon line or cycling. Those willing to rent a bike on site, at the reception, it is also possible to do it in advance - when booking. It is worth noting that the reception staff can help guests organize sightseeing tours. We will book a trip to both Alghero and the Coral Riviera directly from the campsite.

Rest on the Mediterranean Sea

It would be a sin not to visit Alghero when we are so close. It is worth remembering that we are waiting for a lazy tour, which is more blissful relaxation than ticking off points on the "must-see" list. People slowly wander the narrow streets, this is where someone is sitting at a table over a mug of cappuccino and a newspaper. During our holidays in Italy, we will come across such a view in many places, but in Sardinia it is particularly noticeable that, according to the inhabitants, life should be enjoyed. The island has a typical Mediterranean culture, and from around 2 p.m. the pisolino - siesta begins. Then it's best to go back to the camping site, sit in the shade with a cool drink in your hand and enjoy the game of sunbeams dancing on the water.

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