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A handful of summer inspirations

Vacation has come. It is true that the world of adults still has to work, but the period of holidays and time of great rest has begun. We are surrounded by advertisements of paradise islands, beaches with white sand and water so clear that it is difficult to guess where the bottom begins. Who does not dream of going to such a place and a dozen or so days of siesta full of sunshine and joy? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford crazy trips to distant corners and trips for a few or several thousand zlotys. However, this does not mean that we have to stay at home and look sadly at successive pages on the Internet. There is no shortage of places to go without being rich. And these aren't any less beautiful places than exotic islands - they just offer other attractions

Savings seekers should consult the latest rankings of affordable holiday destinations. Every year (if not more often) on various websites you can find lists of cities and countries where a tourist's stay is cheaper than in other countries. For example, such a ranking is the annual European Backpacker Index , and the aforementioned day should be understood here as the cost of one ticket to the main tourist attraction of a given city, two journeys by public transport, three meals with desserts and accommodation in a hostel. Of course, a longer stay means higher costs, but such a comparison allows us to orientate ourselves in the number of places that should be taken into account when planning a successful and economical vacation.

Where to spend your vacation pleasantly and inexpensively?

According to the ranking, we will spend the least money if we decide to visit Bucharest. Based on the calculations of the authors of the statement, we can assume that we will leave about PLN 73 in the Romanian capital each day. We often spend more shopping in our city, so we should consider this beautiful city located on the Dymbowica River even more. Cişmigiu Gardens with a picturesque artificial lake, Herăstrău Park and a wonderful botanical garden, one of the largest in the world (over 10,000 species of plants) - all these make it really worth visiting this wonderful, green city.

Tourists who decide to go a little further south, to the Bulgarian capital, will spend a few zlotys more. Sofia is very popular among Poles, especially among those who love the beauty of monuments. There are plenty of them here, and they are stunning with panache, ranging from the delicious synagogue to the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky and the Church of St. Sevenachloridens. A day of stay in the largest city in Bulgaria will cost us around PLN 76. Being here, you must try a light but filling shop's salad.

The ranking also includes the capital of Latvia, Riga , where we should not spend more than PLN 80 a day. This is one of those pearl cities where you have to stop in front of a building with admiration in your eyes. The legs carry them by themselves to see as many attractions as possible and the only thing we can fear is that we will not have enough time to get to know them all. Riga Old Town is a place where time has stood still. It is located on the European Route of Brick Gothic, and despite the bustle of tourists, the atmosphere here makes you slow down and contemplate the beauty of the merchant houses you pass. Many people will stop in reflection in front of the House of Cats or its neighbor, called the Three Brothers.

Leave for less than PLN 200 a day

Economical tourists can plan a vacation in Hungary, and more specifically in Budapest . Daily - according to the authors of the ranking - they will spend about PLN 98 in it. It cannot be denied that the Hungarian capital boasts an exceptional wealth of attractions, so it is worth staying there for at least one weekend. There is a fantastic panorama waiting to be explored, stretching from the Gellert Hill, the Old Town of Buda and the Castle Hill. Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, you can take a leisurely stroll along the Danube promenade, and in the evening dance as much as you want at one of the many discos rumbling from the ships.

A tourist spending PLN 120 a day will be spent in Zagreb . The capital of Croatia tempts with the beauty of its location (at the foot of the Medvednica mountains on the Sava River), as well as numerous attractions for sports enthusiasts. There is a gondola lift, plenty of ski slopes and walking routes, as well as hostels and hotels. Nature lovers will surely be tempted to take a stroll to the Prirode Medvednica Park, which houses the Veternica cave with a corridor of 2,622 meters.

Another option for those who are economical, but who love to travel, is Bratislava. According to the calculations of the authors of the statement, our daily budget should not exceed PLN 127. The advantages of the capital of Slovakia are not only its proximity to the Polish border - the charm of the main Bratislava square, i.e. Hlavné námestie, delights all visitors.

Unlimited travel possibilities

You don't need to earn the national average (let alone the salaries of your MEPs) to enjoy a successful vacation. Maybe we won't go to the end of the world to pose for photos straight from catalogs, wading knee-deep in transparent water. Maybe we will not reach the highest peaks or wade through the Amazon rainforest. We can get to know other attractions, try new flavors and visit places that delight us. The holidays have started, so we have a lot of time for that.

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