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When looking for a vacation destination, it is worth paying attention to less popular regions that many tourists have not yet reached. This often means lower prices, untouched nature and no crowds vying for a spot on the beach as early as six in the morning.


I encourage lovers of southern Europe to pay attention to Abruzia. The areas around Pescara, such as Montesilvano, Silvi, Chieti and Citta Sant'Angelo, are worth recommending in the spring-summer and early-autumn periods.

For beach lovers

If your dream vacation is relaxing on the beach, Montesilvano, Silvi, Citta Sant 'Angelo are for you. The sand is literally golden, fine and soft . Some beaches in Montesilvano are paid in season, while the beaches north of the Saline River that flows into the sea are a real paradise. They go on for miles , so basically no matter which place you choose, any place will be fine for putting up a blanket. Many of them are "wild", there is no infrastructure there, the locals come only sporadically, but the sea and sand are for you.


If you prefer to have restaurant and hotel facilities at hand, choose less secluded and slightly louder areas of Montesilvano, Silvi or even Pescara. The fact that the seaside strip is actually hotels is on the plus side, while this applies to the first, top of the second line. In addition, these are normal cities, typically Italian, with numerous cafes, pastry shops, bakeries, markets and shops, where you will meet mostly locals.


The Adriatic Sea is beautiful, clean, the shallows reach really far, so it is a safe area for people who are just getting used to the water. There are plenty of seashells on the beaches, so children are guaranteed to have fun.


30 minutes by car from Montesilvano is the equally beautiful Roseto degli Abruzz i. One of Roseto's greatest attractions is the kilometer-long beach - perfect for relaxing and long, romantic walks.


The resort also tempts with beautiful architecture and picturesque surroundings. If you are looking for a place to stay, we recommend Eurcamping - a wonderful place in a beautiful environment, run for many years by the same family who put their heart into it.

For landscape lovers

When we decide to look away from the sea, which is reminiscent of emerald colors, we will see snow-capped mountain peaks in the distance. It is worth noting that the towns also go up. The houses on the slopes are surrounded by vineyards and olive and orange groves where you can walk freely. It is surprising that these are still areas of small towns.


Among such beautiful natural circumstances there can be hidden wonderful restaurants, known mainly to the locals. In Montesilvano, for example, it is worth climbing (or taking the bus) to the Lecky Horn restaurant. We will pay a reasonable price for dinner, and eating a meal (usually very hearty) with a view of the vineyards, from which the wine served in the restaurant probably comes, will be a real pleasure. Be sure to try the Abruzian delicacy - arrosticini , i.e. sheep meat skewers.


The small Citta Sant'Angelo is also very interesting. Theoretically, we enter there straight from Montesilvano (we find a small, wild beach there), in practice it turns out that the main part of the city is located on a hill and looks like a fairy tale . It is definitely worth visiting the historic center and walking among the narrow, very old streets. A regular bus also goes there.

For history and architecture lovers

Chieti is a beautiful old town situated very high up. We have good access by zone bus from Pescara, because Chieti "dolne" is a popular academic center. The bus from the main station, which is practically from the city center, runs very often.


It takes about half an hour to go up from the lower town (almost vertically). Along the way, you can admire the beautiful hills, scattered olive groves and vineyards . We get off on a hill near the city center. Not only does its walls offer wonderful views of the surrounding area and the Apennines , but also picturesque streets encourage you to walk.


You can visit the archaeological museum, see numerous churches, go to the market or try Abruzian specialties under the extensive arcades of the office (quite a lot for a commune with a population of around 50,000). Almost every building is impressive . It is worth paying attention to the doors to houses that are at street level. Each other, interestingly made, colorful, attracts the eye. During lunch time (from 12.30 - 15.00) it is worth visiting the local tavern Trattoria La Tavernetta Da Ianni . The owner will present the menu for the day (in Italian, of course), and the place will be filled with locals within 15 minutes, so that visitors will not find a place in it at 1pm (it gets a little looser at 2pm when the first round ends).

For city lovers

If you like city atmosphere and good communication, Pescara should please you. It has a large, very well-kept beach where you can safely spend the whole day, parks, bustling shops and restaurants in all price ranges, and good communication , including the airport. The river of the same name flows through the center of Pescara, which flows into the Adriatic Sea here. It divides the city into two parts of a similar size.


Cultural life flourishes in Pescara, especially in the summer time, when, among others, jazz festival - Pescara Jazz and film festival - Premio Flaiano . It is a student city - there is a university with four faculties, the largest tourist and industrial port. One of the most important Italian poets was born in the city - Gabriele d'Annunzio , who was also a local community worker. The main bridge connecting the two parts of the city was built, among others thanks to his efforts.


The object that must be immortalized in the photos of Pescara is the Sea Bridge - a huge, modern structure that is a characteristic symbol of the city. A sail-shaped bridge (with separate paths for pedestrians and cyclists) connects the two shores of Pescara. At night, it is decorated with a glowing, inclined pole.


It is also worth seeing the cathedral, erected at the beginning of the 20th century on the ruins of the Church of Jerusalem. For tourists, the house of Gabriele D'Annunzio, of which Pescara is very proud, is also available. When looking for refreshment, it is worth going to the D'Avalos forest (Porta Nuova district) or the St. Philomena, which will take us all the way to Montesilvano.


Abruzzo is certainly noteworthy, not least for its beautiful, clean beaches and quaint towns . It makes an impression in terms of nature and gastronomy . Unlike many other places in Italy, you won't feel like you're at an international airport during rush hour. This region is definitely worth recommending for all those who want to relax in a leisurely atmosphere and try delicious cuisine.

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