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It's no secret that a trip to Italy is often a journey deep into the tastes and aromas of this amazing country. Everyone who lands in Rome or Naples certainly dreams of classic Italian spaghetti, cappuccino or, of course, pizza. However, it is worth remembering that Italy is an incredibly diverse country, and until recently its individual regions were separate countries that differed from each other linguistically, culturally and culinaryally. That is why it is sometimes worth getting away from the ubiquitous pizzomania and going to a place where the cuisine is different, unique and unique. For real gourmands, we recommend Apulia - this small region, located at the end of the "Italian shoe". Small, but rich in culinary traditions dating back many hundreds of years. Apulia is a gourmet's paradise - mainly because, as its people say, "food is not part of Apulia's life, but is life itself." How much truth is there, you can only check it in one way ... you have to go to the heart and capital of Apulia - charming Lecce.

The kingdom of gourmets

Apulian cuisine is actually not "Italian". Are you looking for spaghetti or lasagne on the menu? Keep looking, but ... you probably won't find them. Food in Apulia is different than in the rest of the country - it uses much more fresh vegetables, which are a great substitute for meat for the locals. Sweet tomatoes, fennel, peppers, eggplant and beans of all colors often take up most of the space on the plate. Thanks to the Adriatic Sea , there is never a shortage of fresh fish and seafood. Be sure to try the tiny orecchiette here - pasta in the shape of slightly curled ears, which is the real pride of the people of Apulia. Age-old signors still make orechhiette by hand, following the recipe strictly: durum flour, salt and water. Another temptation is maccheroni al forno - maccheroni pasta (yes, these are thick and long tubes) combined with minced meat, lots of vegetables and sauce and a lot of other ingredients "by hand" is baked in the oven until it becomes slightly crispy - although it is a bomb caloric, not easy (and rightly) to resist. As Apulia is still a region where many people live by sheep farming, the excellent dairy products cannot be forgotten. Be sure to try burrata di Andria - a fresh, ball-shaped sheep's cheese that must be eaten within 24 hours! At the end of the meal, it is worth trying the local coffee - caffe in ghiaccio . This aromatic espresso, served with a few ice cubes and a bit of almond milk - a real delight on hot days!

Camping in Apulia

Since it is worth staying outside the city in this region to be able to relax closer to nature, it is worth planning a night in Apulia at one of the many campsites. Camps in Apulia are the best option for people who value independence - they offer accommodation for everyone. You can pitch your own tent, park a family caravan, or rent an elegant and comfortable bungalow for yourself and a group of friends. The location of the campsite is important and, for active people or with children - sports and animation offer. Camping Riva di Ugento is the best offer for both. The extensive sports facilities will be appreciated by everyone: a windsurfing school, a wakeboard lift, the possibility of renting a rowing boat or a kitesurfing school and a swimming pool are just some of the attractions for active people. If we travel with children, it is worth joining other kids from around the world and joining a number of games and activities organized by passionate animators. A holiday spent in Apulia in this way, combined with getting to know its flavors, will surely be unique for them!

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