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Every year at the end of July, a unique procession takes place in Liguria. The divers taking part in it lay a wreath at the monument standing on the seabed. In it, they sanctify the patron saint of sailors and divers - Christ of the Abyss.

The statues of Christ stand in several places around the world, being a symbol of the city that created them. They look at the area from the tops of the hills, and also ... from under the water surface. One of them rests on the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, between Camogli and Portofino, about 30 km east of Genoa. It is called Il Cristo degli Abissi (Christ of the Abyss). It is a 2.5-meter bronze sculpture by Guido Galletti, depicting the Savior with his arms raised.

Sculptures of Christ can be seen in two more places - in the waters of Key Largo in Florida and in the Caribbean, off the coast of St George.

Diving in San Fruttuoso

Christ of the Abyss has been standing on the seabed since August 22, 1954, looking at the surface of the water from a depth of about 17 meters. The sculpture was sunk near the death of Dario Gonzatti, one of the Italian diving pioneers. There is no land road leading to the basin in which it is located. You can reach it on the walking trail in Portofino or take a cruise ship - they run regularly during the season.

The miraculous clarity of the water makes it possible to see the figure after dipping the head in an ordinary mask. No wonder that it is one of the most popular dive sites in all of Liguria. Willing people get to know the world under the water surface, descending to a depth of 7-40 meters under the supervision of an instructor from San Fruttuoso Diving Center .

A dream region for divers

Diving enthusiasts come from different countries to see the sculpture Il Cristo degli Abissi submerged in the water, enveloped in greenish-blue light. Observed from this perspective, it makes an amazing impression. To dive here, you must have a PADI certificate .

Much of the coast is a specially protected area. From Camogli all the way to Santa Margherita Ligure there is a zone with access to water designated only in a few places. An additional difficulty is the jagged coastline , cut with steep, stone cliffs. Most beaches are in Santa Margherita Ligure, while Portofino (both at the resort and in its center) are not.

It may not be an ideal area for lovers of swimming and sunbathing, but it is even a dream destination for divers . There are about 20 points waiting for them, where they can devote themselves to exploring the underwater world in specially organized groups. Interested parties must contact their local diving agencies.


Towards Portofino

Nature lovers (especially those who like to explore the area on foot) will be charmed by the beauty of the walking paths in the National Park that stretches around Portofino. In its southern part there are carefully tended gardens, shrubs and flowers, while the northern part is more wooded.

Portofino itself is visited by tourists who are not afraid of bills in restaurants of one of the most expensive Italian resorts. The most prestigious places are located along the harbor wharf, and their menu is dominated by fish caught every day in the waters of the bay.

Campsite in the Portofino area

If you want to spend the night in this part of the coast, you can stay at Camping Genova Est . It is located about 20 km west of Portofino, and for a parking space for a motorhome we will pay about 7.9-8.7 euro per night. Adult day stay costs 6-7 euro, and access to electricity - 3 euro.

Even though Portofino is not a very wallet-friendly resort, it is worth a visit, even when passing through. Not only because it is on the way to Christ from the Abyss. According to the inhabitants of Liguria, spring begins here a month earlier than in other parts of the north of Italy.

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