Lazio - the cradle of the Roman state

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Most tourists associate Lazio only with Rome. Meanwhile, the area in the middle of Italy, located on the one hand on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea and on the other hand surrounded by the Apennine chain, has much more to offer than visiting the monuments of the Eternal City and the Vatican. You can safely say that in Lazio everyone will find something for themselves. Visitors can enjoy the azure sea, blue lakes, green plains, olive groves stretching for kilometers, locally produced white wine and excellent - as in the whole of Italy - cuisine.

Off the beaten track

Situated on the Tiber, Lazio is considered the ancient cradle of the Roman state. Nowhere else in the country will you feel the atmosphere of antiquity as strongly as there. Especially if, after a compulsory visit to Rome, you go on a further journey through Lazio . Start it by exploring Latina , a city with a characteristic starry street layout leading from the main square - Piazza del Popolo. There you will find a beautiful clock tower, and walking further down Corsa della Republica, you will find Piazza San Marco. On the square there are two important buildings of the city - the Balilla Opera with a museum documenting the history of Latina, and the Cathedral of St. Brand with an impressive facade of tuff and travertine. Another city worth visiting is Viterbo. It is worth starting your trip with Pizza San Lorenzo, and then direct your steps to Palazzo dei Papi, the former papal palace. In the city you will also see the Basilica of St. Francis and the adjoining monastery buildings. Outside the city, you can take advantage of the benefits of natural springs - Terme dei Papi. Finally, we recommend a visit to Rieti. When visiting it, include places such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Piazza Cesare Battisti or Museo Civico di Rieti. The trip should end with a walk between the medieval city walls.

Attractions of the region

Lazio is a region with a rich tourist offer, including the famous Via Appia Antica, known as the "Queen of the Roads". The oldest Roman route starts in the regional capital and goes all the way to Naples. Along the way, you will have the opportunity to visit many interesting sights. Close to the border with Campania, you will visit Monte Cassino - a historic hill where a battle took place in which General Anders' army took part. You will find a cemetery of fallen soldiers there. Nature lovers will love the nearby Albanian Mountains, made of tuff, also used in construction - including the aforementioned cathedral in Latina. There are also lakes in the region - especially Castel Gandolfo and Nemi, in the vicinity of which you will be able to go hiking and biking. A holiday in Lazio is a great opportunity to visit one of the climatic towns, savor the taste of locally made white frascati or marino wine and try the flagship dishes of the regional cuisine, including spaghetti alla carbonara and alla puttanesca. Don't forget about the sandy beaches that are abundant in the region. They will be the perfect complement to a family holiday in Italy .

Campsites in Lazio

It is worth planning a night in Lazio before departure. A large selection of campsites in Italy with a high standard makes it easy to find a facility that meets your expectations. We recommend Camping Sabaudia , located right by the sea, in the Circeo National Park. Its lush vegetation will bring you cool on steamy days and will allow you to find an intimate place for a motorhome. The property has all the amenities that will make your stay in Lazio successful - a sandy beach, pedal boat rental, and a volleyball and football pitch. Experienced animators will take care of your free time. A well-developed gastronomic base awaits the guests, including a pizzeria, restaurant, fast food bar and a grocery store. The youngest will love this place thanks to the access to the playground. The camping will be appreciated by people looking for a convenient base to other cities in the region.

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