Climatic towns of the north of Italy - Villaggio San Francesco

Climatic towns of the north of Italy - Villaggio San Francesco – main image

Italy has a lot to offer to tourists, especially the Northeast. Tourist resorts are most densely located in the vicinity of Venice and it is this region that tempts tourists with an incredible number of attractions. It is here that history intertwines with commercialism, leisure with sports activities, and wild nature with agglomerations. Every year, millions of tourists come to the bay to explore the city of gondolas, sunbathe on the golden sand of Cavallino-Treporti beaches or taste local delicacies. However, this is not all that awaits visitors. The region is famous for its climatic cities and towns that are worth seeing. Today we would like to present three of them: San Donà di Piave, Portogruaro and Motta di Livenza. Perfect for an intensive one-day trip or three recreational trips.

Where to stay?


When it comes to accommodation, this part of the country has a lot to be proud of. You will find here not dozens or hundreds, but thousands of accommodation facilities of various standards, from intimate campsites to five-star hotels. Among them, Camping Villaggio San Francesco deserves attention. It is distinguished by its offer and location - less than 9 km west of the Caorle resort, right next to the golden beaches of the Adriatic Sea. It is well connected with the above-mentioned towns.

The campsite offers guests spacious, fully equipped pitches for campers , pitches and numerous hotel options.


The first village, San Donà di Piave, is approximately 28 km northwest of the resort. It is located on the Veneto-Friulina plain, right on the banks of the Piave River. This area was an area of fierce fighting during the First World War, which unfortunately meant that a large part of the cultural and architectural monuments were destroyed.

San Donà di Piave is a typically Italian location with many examples of religious architecture. Despite the ruin of virtually the entire city, most of the monuments were restored over time. The main tourist attractions include the Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Grazie, originally built in the 15th century and rebuilt several times since then. It is also worth visiting the Church of San Carlo Borromeo, the Church of Santa Maria Assunta or the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Passarelli.

Tourists visiting the city can also visit the City Hall, see the Metropolitan Theater Astra or take a walk around Independence Square. Apart from that, there are picturesque green areas. The most beautiful are Europa Park and Federico Fellini Park.

After a few hours in San Donà di Piave, we can go on - or go home to go on another trip tomorrow.

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Motta di Livenza is approximately 37 km from the campsite and approximately 16 km north of San Donà di Piave. The areas on which it lies suffered during the First World War. As in the previous town, the monuments were completely destroyed, but some of them managed to be rebuilt and today they are open to tourists.

The biggest attraction of Motta di Livenza is the Basilica of Our Lady of Miracles, an annual pilgrimage destination. The building itself was erected at the beginning of the 16th century. The Teresin Palace is equally popular among vacationers. Even though it is currently in private hands, it is still the showcase of the town.


The last point is a climatic town located approx. 30 km north of Villaggio San Francesco. Portogruaro is located along the banks of the Lemene River. In the past, the local lands were fertile and gave the inhabitants abundant crops.

Unlike San Donà di Piave and Motta di Livenza, the city and its surroundings survived the war. Tourists have the opportunity to see many historic sacred buildings, such as the Summaga Abbey built in the 11th century or the Church of Santi Cristoforo e Luigi from the 13th century.

Portogruaro is also home to one of the oldest museums in Italy and the oldest in Veneto, the National Archaeological Museum in Concordia. You will see valuable exhibits from pre-Roman and Roman times. It is also worth visiting the town, if only to do some shopping there. The local markets are among the best stocked in the region.

We encourage you to get to know these places. Maybe less known, less crowded, but they have a unique atmosphere.

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