Colorful Markets in Vienna

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We set the date of testing a motorhome from the Polish manufacturer Globe-Traveler in a few good months. All "demo" motorhomes (demonstration vehicles) were constantly on the road between numerous fairs and competitions, and catching one between events was very difficult.

Additionally, autumn diseases often crossed our plans, as a result of which the first available date fell in mid-November. Where to go for a weekend in late autumn? Of course, for the Christmas market!

Due to the fact that we live in the south of Poland, we are relatively close to several European capitals where you can see the most beautiful Christmas markets. The choice was unanimous: Vienna.


Camper-park next to the metro station

We slept in a camper-park near Vienna, which is very close to the Perfektstraβe metro station. A 48-hour ticket for all public transport costs € 13.90. It took us 20 minutes to get to the Town Hall Square. To this, however, we must add a short walk, because we got off one stop earlier to walk through the Volksgarten park.


The camper-park is exactly what you would expect from a camper park in the city center, which means you won't find many attractions there. However, there is everything you could need. Clean, heated bathrooms, camper-service, electricity, fresh bread in the morning and proximity to the metro (only 150 meters to the station).

A huge advantage is the possibility of entering the camper-park at any time of the day or night. If you arrive when the reception is closed, you can check in in the morning. The price for one night for a motorhome pitch with electricity is € 21 (excluding electricity € 19). We only paid for the position and even if there were 10 people in the motorhome, the rate will remain the same.


What a market is a fair

We left Bielsko-Biała for Vienna on Friday after work, and we arrived there the same evening. In the morning, we immediately went to visit the Christmas markets, because the capital of Austria does not have one market - there are over a dozen of them every year. This year, as many as 13, of which 11 were opened on the weekend of 18-19.11. Many of them will run until Christmas and some even until New Years.


The biggest one is the Market Square on the Town Hall Square and we spent most of our time there. In addition to the stands, there is also an ice rink for toddlers, a special skating track for older children and adults built on the paths of the park, a ferris wheel, a carousel, a playground, and a lot of benches to rest. It is worth taking a seat on them to have a hot drink after a day of walking.

3, 2, 1 ...

It was on the Town Hall Square that we were able to see the official opening of the Fair, including the illumination of the Christmas tree and the illumination of the Town Hall. It made a great impression on us.


In one day, walking from the Town Hall Square to the Cathedral of St. Stephen and back, we visited four fairs. Each of them was unique and each offered something different, incl. traditional crafts products, hand-made Christmas decorations, and there were also many food and drink stalls.

There were also concerts, performances and workshops waiting for us at each fair. On the second day, the weather disrupted our plans, so we did not visit other places anymore, and instead, we set off on a return trip. Walks in the rain are not our forte, but we consider the weekend a successful one.

Christmas magic in November

Together with tourists from all over the world, we have already felt a bit of the magic of Christmas. Is it too soon? Maybe a bit like that, but today I made an Old Polish gingerbread dough, which is to mature until Christmas. The whole house smells like gingerbread spice, I look at photos from the weekend, snow is falling outside the window ... The only thing missing is "Last Christmas" on the radio;)

I really like the waiting time for this winter Christmas and next year I will be happy to go to the Christmas market again in my motorhome. I hope that then we will be able to see all the other fairs in Vienna.

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