Cordoba - the Mecca of the West

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For automotive fans, Cordoba is the name of a car, and for architecture lovers, it is a Spanish resort with dozens of temples and mansions with beautiful gardens. The city of the largest mosque on the Iberian Peninsula invites everyone who loves the atmosphere of Andalusia.

In the past, the capital of the Moorish state and Roman Spain, today Cordoba is a relatively small city. It is a real tourist pearl of Andalusia, although at first it may seem like a small provincial town, where life focuses around the main square and stops in narrow streets. And it must be admitted that the main square of the resort is decorated with a huge attraction that the entire province boasts - the Grand Mosque. Impressive in terms of size and number of decorations, the building known as La Mezquita is the most impressive mosque that has been built by the Arabs on the Iberian Peninsula.

In the immediate vicinity of the temple, there is the old Plaza del Potro square, the heart of which is a fountain with a horse. According to the story, Servantes himself visited one of the posadas at the market square, working on "Don Quixote". As a result, the mention of the statue of a horse appeared in the pages of the novel about a knight fighting with windmills.

Mecca of the West

At one time, Cordoba was considered not only the largest city in Europe, but also the largest cultural and educational center in the west of the continent. It was even called the Mecca of the West . Today it is only the 10th largest city in Spain, but it still thrives as the provincial capital. It attracts tourists with the number of historic mansions, churches and monuments. The resort has, among others one of the last three synagogues that remained in the country after the expulsion of the Jews in 1492 (the other two are located in Toledo). The historic temple stands in the Jewish quarter of Juderia , crisscrossed by narrow streets and fragrant with flowers filling the patios. The building is tiny, but it has priceless decorations with biblical motifs and a gallery for women.

Another big attraction of the city is the Puenta Romano , i.e. the Roman bridge leading to the other side of the Guadalquivir River. After renovation, to some it seems to be "too new" and somewhat lacking charm. However, it still inspires respect with its size and precision of construction. It is worth going to the other side to see the historical center of the city from this perspective.

While here, you can visit the historic fortified residence of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos , which now houses a museum with a rich collection of Roman mosaics. You can also see beautiful and extensive Arab gardens and Islamic patios.

Where to stay

As a well-known tourist resort, Cordoba offers a very extensive accommodation base, in which both the amateur of comfort in a 5-star hotel and the lover of independent travel will find the perfect option. For the latter awaits, among others Camping "El Brilliante" , situated in the city center. The nearest bus stop is right outside the campsite. Adult day stay costs 7 euro, child 4, and motorhome pitch 9. The campsite has a laundry room, a swimming pool and a supermarket open in summer.

Finding accommodation in such a great location means that you can also visit the city in the evening without worrying about returning to the campsite. It is worth taking a walk after sunset, as all of Cordoba is beautifully illuminated at night. An unforgettable view is the bridge and the Grand Mosque bathed in warm light.

Before going to bed, you can take a bath in the hot baths, which are famous throughout the region. We will wash away the tiredness and dust from all-day walks, and then we can rest while listening to the crickets.

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