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You don't have to look far for attractions for lovers of challenges. Would you like to take a walk in the clouds - literally? Would you like to go crazy in the rope park, go down a really difficult route or go paragliding? Welcome to the Czech Republic!

You can spend your holidays in dozens of ways. Some people like to visit monuments in peace, others do sports, others spend their holidays relaxing in thermal baths. A significant percentage of tourists are fans of activities that make the heart beat faster. If you belong to this group, you don't have to go far. Just visit our neighbors and check which Czech attractions will give you an adrenaline rush.

Labske piskovce – an ideal place for climbing

Labske piskovce

Let's start with places popular among amateur rock climbers. We recommend the Łabskie Piaskowce Protected Landscape Area, a beautiful landscape park in the northern part of the Czech Republic. It was built in the 1970s, has an area of 250 km², so there is a lot to see and admire from above. A huge regional attraction is the massif of sandstone rocks that you can climb. In addition, the reserve is crossed by many hiking trails of various difficulty levels.

The extensive group of rock formations located in the park is called Tiské stěny. This is a monument of inanimate nature that you will come across on the outskirts of Tisá. If you are planning to visit Děčín, you can also visit here. Just drive about 10 km east and you will see gorges, walls, towers, pillars and canyons. The forms are divided into Velkě stěny and Malě stěny. In the former there are over 50 rocks, and in the latter less than 20. Some climbing routes are named after the shape of the rocks (eg Mumia, Sloní sloup).

Or maybe bouldering in Rychlebskie Trasy?

Outdoor bouldering

There are those who like to climb, but not necessarily with a rope. There are successively more people who prefer the so-called bouldering. To put it simply, this form of activity can be described as overcoming small boulders. When bouldering was invented, proponents mostly climbed over rocks. Today, a few decades later, more and more boulder walls are available. Among other things, bouldering loops in Rychlebské Trasy in the Jeseníky Mountains await them. The sensationally developed and mapped information structure puts them in the first place in Central Europe. So far, you won't find better in this part of the continent.

Boulders in Rychleby attract more and more fans not only from Moravia, but also from Poland. The growing popularity of the field has contributed to the fact that climbing circuits have been linked to the network of Rychlebskie Cycling Paths. If you have friends who love sightseeing on two wheels, go here together. Maybe you can convince them to try something new?

Sky Bridge 721 suspension bridge - only for the brave!

If you want to see the area from a different perspective, why not take a walk along the suspension bridge? Without a doubt, this is not an attraction for everyone. We recommend it only to those who are not afraid of heights and are not afraid to climb a narrow structure running above the treetops. Sky Bridge 721 is the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is located in the Pardubice Region, in the mountain resort of Dolni Morava. It is only a few kilometers from the border with Poland. The Skywalk, the Path in the Clouds, runs alongside the structure. It has a great view of the area and the bridge itself.

Sky Bridge 721 spans between two mountains. If you have time, fitness and willingness, you can get to the top on foot or take a chairlift. You cover the way back in the same way or use the local attraction - the bobsleigh track. You can also go down by bike.

Czech via ferratas, i.e. a walk with protection


Another proposition worth considering if you like challenges is via ferrata. On the one hand, you don't have to climb high rocks. On the other hand, on the "iron road" you will meet various steel elements whose task is to facilitate the passage of more difficult sections. If you're comfortable with this kind of compromise, you have several options. The first one is waiting for the willing (and brave) near Semily, a town on the border of North and East Bohemia. Over the valley of the Jizera River, a publicly accessible structure called the Water Gate was thrown. You choose one of three routes with different levels of difficulty. The Hluboká via ferrata in South Bohemia also offers three variants. During the hike, you can admire the Vltava River, perfectly visible from above.

Do you want extreme sensations? We invite you to come to Děčín. If the weather is good (because only then it is allowed), you can climb from the river bank to the top of the wall. The via ferrata is about 150 meters long. It starts in the center, at the former rock lift to the Shepherd's Wall. Go for it if you have the experience - and the right equipment.

The next points differ significantly from each other. The first trail is the Czech bio ferrata, thanks to which you can get to know the rock vegetation. It is located in the Botanical Garden in Bečov nad Teplou (West Bohemia). You can rent equipment on site that allows you to overcome the most difficult variant of the route.

Unlike its predecessor, Speleoferrata does not provide spectacular views. For this you will be able to boast of defeating an underground cave 40 meters deep. And not while walking. In front of the daredevils there are ladders (including rope ladders), traverses with swings, abysses or sections where you will have to crawl. If you watched the movie "The Descent", the impressions can be even stronger!

Something for fans of rope centers

When preparing the list of attractions for lovers of extreme emotions, we could not omit the fans of rope parks. One of the largest facilities in this category in the Czech Republic is Adrenalinpark Dolní Morava. You can choose from 5 routes of varying difficulty, from blue for intermediate to black for experienced. Rope obstacles (80!) that you can overcome are perfectly secured and high enough that you will not run out of impressions.

You can also fall from a height - what's more, without rubber or a parachute. Jump down on a soft airbag with 4 (allowed for 10+) or 8 meters (16+). In addition to Bag Jump, the park offers Power Fun, an attraction that allows you to quickly free fall with a gentle landing. Another option is the Double Big Swing, a 13-meter swing for one person or two.

In the Beskids, at the lower station of the chairlift to Pustevny, there is a Tarzania rope park. As the name suggests, you will be able to swing like Mowgli on lianas. Or rather, ropes. Those who dare can ride them from tree to tree or soar over a mountain river. Obstacles were placed at a height of 3-14 meters.

The last rope center we want to present to you is Offpark Sušice in Sušici in Šumava. There you have the opportunity to sail on a pontoon or a kayak on Otava. In addition to the madness in the rope park, you can also climb, play paintball or order a balloon flight.

By the way, we will mention another option for flying enthusiasts. If you would like to paraglide with an instructor, we recommend the Paragliders school or El Speedo tandem paragliding. Instructors fly in the Beskids, you can also fly with them in the Giant Mountains or Jeseníky. Among the proposed options, you have a basic flight of about a quarter of an hour and a half-hour acrobatic flight. Check the offer of the Kozakov paragliding center - you will find it between the cities of Turnov and Semily.

River rafting in the Czech Republic

Let's go down to the ground, and more specifically, let's move to the water. Fans of sensations that make the heart beat faster also like river rafting. If you are spending your holidays in the Czech Republic (or just visiting the country), get to know Jizera and Ploučnica. These are North Bohemian rivers, very popular among amateurs of broadly understood water entertainment. This group includes both anglers, kayakers and those who love rafting. Jizera will meet the expectations of every amateur fighting the element. For example, in spring the channel from the confluence with Mumlava to Horní Sytové attracts daredevils who want to grab their heads with nature. Ploučnica has beautiful sections, almost created for solitary contemplation of nature (e.g. under Mimoni). It also has challenging ones, including a canal ending in a long tunnel and a hand-cut hole in the rock known as Hell's Throat.

At the end, the icing on the cake, which is the second longest bobsleigh track in Europe. The Mammoth Rollercoaster in Dolní Morava tempts the brave with a 360-degree turn at a height of 12 meters, 25 bends, a loop and an underground tunnel. And all this at a distance of over 3 kilometers!

As you can see, adrenaline lovers have a really big choice. We strongly encourage you to visit the Czech Republic with your significant other or friends. Great fun guaranteed, as well as memories. You will have something to talk about long after you return from a joint trip.

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