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Can holidays in the Czech Republic be a good way to spend your vacation? Of course! If you like exploring non-obvious places and discovering the culture of other countries on your own terms, without a schedule imposed by a travel agency, a trip beyond our southern border will be a great idea for a vacation. Check out the best campsites in the Czech Republic and plan an unforgettable trip.

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Rock town - campings and campsites in the Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise is a tourist region in Northern Bohemia, famous for its fairy-tale, "postcard" landscapes. The hilly landscape is crisscrossed by gently meandering small and large rivers and rock formations taking fanciful shapes. Some of them resemble volcanic cones. It is no coincidence - there are 3 extinct volcanoes in the Bohemian Paradise (but don't worry, the youngest one has been "sleeping" for 5 million years).

This region of the Czech Republic is the perfect place for an extended weekend. It is worth planning your stay so that you can see the Trosky Castle, the rock city of Prachovske and Hruboskalsko, the underground lake or the Škoda museum. You can choose the place of accommodation Autocamp Sedmihorky Czech Republic - camping by the lake near Hruboskalsko.

On a side note: another rock town in the Czech Republic worth seeing is Adršpach. The campsite, which is the starting point for these areas , can be found on the Polish side - we recommend, for example, Leśny Dwór in the village of Wolibórz.

Campings and campsites Czech Republic - the Krkonoše Mountains

When traveling in the northern regions of the Czech Republic, it is also worth visiting the Giant Mountains. Towns located on the southern side of this range, such as Pec or Trutnov, can be a great alternative to the often crowded Szklarska Poręba or Karpacz. Not only are numerous hiking and cycling routes waiting for tourists here, but also many other attractions: a magnificent treetop path, the artillery fortress Stachelberg, Harrachov with a glassworks and a mammoth ski jump, the Panczawa waterfall and larger and smaller charming towns.

Campings and campsites in Prague

When you spend your vacation in the Czech Republic, you have to visit Prague. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, attracting several million tourists every year. The "Must see in Prague" list includes such places as Prague Castle, Wenceslas Square, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square and the Town Hall with a medieval astronomical clock on the facade.

You need at least a few days to discover the most important points of Prague calmly, so it is worth planning your visit to Prague with an overnight stay. A good base for exploring the city will be a nearby camping or campsite. Prague, although beautiful and magical, can overwhelm you - a rest in a quieter, green area will allow you to gather strength for another day of intensive sightseeing.

Are you looking for an idea for a holiday different from all the others? The answer is simple: the Czech Republic. Camping with a swimming pool, by a lake or near mountain trails can be found at CampRest. And if you continue your journey after a short break, check the campings and campsites in Italy or the campings and campsites in Croatia.


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