Olomouc Region – campsites

Medieval castles, plains, riparian forests and nice cycling routes are a fraction of what awaits tourists in the Olomouc region. Get in your motorhome and come here on vacation. Best with the whole family! What is the Olomouc region famous for? Among other things, from an excellent location. It is located in the north-western and central part of Moravia. Its territory also includes the area of Czech Upper Silesia and Lower Silesia. There are attractions unique on a European scale, such as the Litovelské Pomoravi Landscape Park.

Campsites found


Attractions of the Olomouc Region

Head to this intriguing region if you love cycling. The Olomouc region is criss-crossed by a thicket of cycling paths that will take you to the local attractions.

Check out what the valley of the Bečva or Morava rivers hides. Visit Javoříčko and Mladeč. Take the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful castles in the Czech Republic. This is Bouzov, the pride of the area.

Vacation in a motorhome

Are you planning a trip to the Czech Republic with a motorhome? You will find a lot of great campsites, from which you will have easy access to monuments and important natural points. Do you like exploring caves? Or maybe you dream of relaxing in a spa? Be sure to get to know Teplice nad Bečvou!

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