Campsites in the Central Bohemian Region

When planning holidays in the Czech Republic, tourists often visit the capital of the country, i.e. Prague. We encourage you to get to know not only it, but also the Central Bohemian region. It is its capital, although it does not belong to it itself - it forms a separate city.

Campsites found


Campervan to Prague

This region has many advantages. It stretches around Prague, which makes it a great starting point for the attractions of the capital. Similarly, when visiting the city, you can escape from it in the evening to a quieter place and find accommodation in Central Bohemia. For example, at a nice campsite.

Camping in Prague

The capital is perfectly connected. If you want to get to know its corners and move freely around the region, you have such an opportunity thanks to the common PID tariff. Of course, you can also go to Prague by motorhome. You will find suitable campsites practically everywhere, in the very center, on the banks of the Vltava River and in other important places.

Attractions of the Central Bohemian Region

Outside of Prague, we recommend a trip to Kutná Hora, where the Czech Silver Museum operates. There is also the Cathedral of St. Barbara on the UNESCO list of monuments.

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