Campsites in Karlovy Vary Region

In the western part of the Czech Republic there is a beautiful, extremely interesting region in terms of tourism. This is the Karlovy Vary region, eagerly visited by people from all over the world. We recommend the local campsites and their offer! In the Karlovy Vary region, it is worth visiting not only the capital, i.e. Karlovy Vary. Attractions such as the old brewery of St. Floriana or the youngest extinct volcano in the Czech Republic.

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What to see in Karlovy Vary Region?

In addition to the Komorní Hůrka volcano, the Slavkovský Forest and the peat swamps around Kladská, there are many amazing areas in the Karlovy Vary Region. No wonder nature lovers are so eager to come here for their holidays. The region includes about 80 protected areas!

If you love relaxing in the bosom of nature, come with a motorhome to Loket, Cheb or to the river. You can choose from e.g. Teplá, Střela, Svatava or Ohře.

Karlovy Vary Region by camper

When you decide to camp in the Karlovy Vary Region, you have the opportunity to climb picturesque peaks. You will get to know Krušné hory and other mountain ranges. 

Get to know the campsites located near the main cities, as well as the facilities nestled close to greenery. Take a look at the sights. Bring your children, a loved one or a group of friends with you.

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