South Moravia – campsites

As the name suggests, South Moravia lies in the southern part of Moravia. It is an attractive tourist region, perfect for a family holiday or a trip with friends. Do you want to spend a romantic holiday in the Czech Republic? We also recommend this area!

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Attractions in South Moravia

There are castles and gardens in South Moravia that are on the UNESCO List. You will see beautiful palaces (Lednice), national parks (eg Podyji) and hectares of farmland. Chernozem stretches to the horizon, overgrown with plantations of vines, vegetables and thermophilic fruits. You can bring preserves or wines with the Mikulov and Znojmo logos here.

Holiday in South Moravia

We recommend a trip to this region of the Czech Republic for many reasons. Moravia has a rich and turbulent history, which can be seen in the number of castles and fortifications. If you want to come, plan your stay. You won't be able to see everything anyway, but it's worth putting as much as possible on your must see list.

Visit the capital of the region, Brno. Drive to Blansko county. Get to know Vyškov, Znojmo, Hodonín and Breclav.

By motorhome to Brno

Caravanning enthusiasts have a large selection of places where they can park their motorhome. Check out, for example, the facilities at Lake Brno. We encourage you to take a trip, you won't regret it!

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