Campsites in the Liberec Region

North Bohemia has plenty of attractions for tourists. Do you like walking in the woods? Are you tempted by caves or rather castles and palaces? The Liberec Region has everything you could wish for on a camping or motorhome holiday.

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Vacation in Czechia in the Liberec Region

The region may be the smallest in the whole country, but it contains so many interesting points that it would be enough for many a bigger one. The capital of the Liberec Region is Liberec, and apart from the main district, the area is also divided into Semily, Jablonec nad Nisou and Česká Lipa. See for yourself why holidaymakers love this part of the Czech Republic so much.

We especially encourage mountain lovers to come. The Liberec region has a varied area, most of which is mountainous. The western part of the Karkonosze, Ještěd, the Jizera Mountains and the Lusatian Mountains stretch here.

If you expect sunny weather like in southern Europe, you may be disappointed. The climate here is humid and quite cool. This does not mean, however, that the region is not suitable for a holiday in a motorhome or camping. On the contrary!

Where to camp in the north of the Czech Republic?

Do you want to spend a nice weekend camping with our neighbors? Are you planning to visit them during the holidays or May weekend? Come to the Liberec Region!

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