Darłowo - the heart of the Baltic Sea coast

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The West Pomeranian region of Poland is famous for its unique landscape values. 185 km of the Baltic Sea coast with sandy beaches, dunes, forests and coastal lakes await us there. In addition, this area has an extensive tourist base, both in large cities and in small, but very picturesque towns. An example is Darłowo - a recreational town by the sea, which boasts a medieval pedigree.

The Polish coast of the Baltic Sea is a diversified area, where we can find many extremely climatic and picturesque towns. The Baltic Sea itself is atypical and unlike any other sea in the world. It is distinguished by its shallowness - its depth reaches a maximum of 52 m, and at the same time the water level of this sea is higher than in the Atlantic Ocean or the North Sea. It is on our amazing Baltic Sea that we can find such beautiful towns as Darłowo.

Rest in the seaside Darłówek

One of the most important things about a holiday trip is, of course, the right accommodation. If we are going to Darłowo , it is worth paying attention to its seaside district, i.e. Darłówko . The Wieprza River divides it into an eastern and a western part.


On the eastern beach of Darłówek , there is a volleyball court and inflatable slides, while the western beach is sandy, completely devoid of stones. The biggest attraction of Darłówek is the fishing port , where you can admire colorful fishing boats. There is also a lighthouse and a water park . This place attracts tourists not only from Poland, but also from Germany and other European countries.

Darłówko is also a very well-developed tourist base. We can easily find comfortable accommodation there. It is worth paying attention, for example, to the Róża Wiatrów Camping 66 holiday complex located close to the sandy beach. The resort is fenced for security, it is located in a shaded area and offers many attractions for its guests. Children have access to, among other things, a mini golf course, a trampoline, outdoor chess, a playground and a heated swimming pool . There are also games organized by animators . On the other hand, adults, in addition to using the clean beach, can also spend time actively, practicing Nordic Walking, using the swimming pool and gym . There are also SPA and therapeutic treatments waiting for them.


The campsite has comfortable holiday homes , equipped with a bathroom, TV, fridge, kettle, internet, additionally equipped with beach equipment. There you can also use a plot with sanitary and electricity connections or decide to live in a campsite . For those looking for the highest standard, hotel rooms have been prepared nearby.

In the vicinity you will find a restaurant , pizzeria and a grocery store. Róża Wiatrów Camping 66 also offers meals in a very large dining room , suitable for up to 200 people. Additionally, you can also use the Grill Hut . However, once we have satisfied our appetite, it is worth going on a sightseeing tour of Darłowo.

A trip around Darłowo

Darłowo is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns on this part of the Polish coast. The beginnings of the village date back to 1271, when it belonged to the great Święc family. Then the place became the seat of West Pomeranian dukes . In Darłowo in 1382 Eryk I of Pomerania was born - the king of Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This ruler, after being dethroned, returned to Darłowo to manage his own Duchy of Słupsk.


The historical outline of Darłowo can be seen in the preserved old buildings and in the medieval street layout . In the very center of the town there is a market square with a baroque town hall with the renaissance coat of arms of the town . However, the most important monument of Darłowo is the medieval Pomeranian Dukes' Castle , dating from the 13th century. It was probably built by the Slavic prince Bogusław V , who was the son-in-law of Casimir the Great. Currently, the Museum of the Pomeranian Dukes was established in this place.


Another monument of Darłowo worth visiting is the 14th-century St. Mary's Church with a 60-meter tower, which is also the Pomeranian Mausoleum . There is a sarcophagus of Eric I Pomorski.

On the market square, next to the town hall, we will see the Fisherman's Monument fountain , dating from 1919. Walking down Powstańców Warszawskich Street , crossing the center of Darłowo, we will reach the medieval church of St. Jerzy , which in the past also served as a hospital.

There is a lighthouse in Darłowo, built at the mouth of the Wieprza river and at the port. It is the lowest lighthouse on the Polish coast - its height is only 22 m, but the range of light is almost 30 km. It is worth going there and seeing the breathtaking panorama of the area. It is an unforgettable sight.

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