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Peter Jackson chose a beautiful country for the setting of his films, in which there are less than 13 sheep per man, and the spring water is clean like in no other corner of the world.

The end of 2014 was the time of halflings, long-bearded dwarves and slender elves. It was then that the last part of "The Hobbit" ("The Battle of the Five Armies") entered Polish cinemas. Fans of the saga about the world created by Tolkien could once again admire the landscapes well known to the inhabitants of New Zealand.

New Zealand through the eyes of Tolkien

The island nation has lent Peter Jackson views of both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Behind Rivendell, the enchanting seat of the elves, is Kaitoke Regional Park , located on the North Island (one of the two main islands of the state). There are also the dark, ominous expanses of Mordor and the Lonely Mountain - the director found them in the Tongariro National Park , the fourth oldest park in the world, with three active volcanoes.

On the South Island stretches the longest mountain range of Middle-earth, in Tolkien's Misty Mountains, in fact Mount Cook's National Park . Its name comes from the highest mountain in New Zealand, which is part of the range. Like Tongariro, the park is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fans of the saga will also recognize the scenery of Milford Sound , one of the South Island's greatest tourist attractions. The land inhabited by the forest elves in Tolkien's works is full of magic and without a film cover. Like silver hair, forests are interwoven with numerous waterfalls. Many of them flow from great heights, and the splashes of water create beautiful rainbows.

The country of the long white cloud

New Zealand's native Maori people called it the Long White Cloud Country (Aotearoa). It's easy to see why when you look at the white streaks above the peaks of the Southern Alps. The Maori people are descendants of the Polynesian clan who, according to legend, came to the islands on seven sailing boats. Their traditional dance called haka was made famous by New Zealand rugby players, and many people associate the country with it.

The island nation is also known for the cleanest spring water in the world and the number of sheep per capita - almost 13. The lovable animals have dominated the New Zealand landscape to such an extent that most roads are fenced so that you cannot enter meadows and pastures, and what a hence, disturb their peace.

New Zealand has a lot to offer to those who want to make the most of their vacation. Water sports enthusiasts can spend their time sailing, water skiing, and also parasailing, surfing and windsurfing. Thrill-seekers can choose from white water rafting and sea kayaking, bungee jumping and parachute jumping. The entertainment palette also includes zorbing.

In a New Zealand motorhome

It is best to spend at least 2 weeks on vacation in New Zealand, after all, we are going to the other hemisphere. You can rent a motorhome on site - for example at United Campervans or Apollo Motorhome Holidays . It is worth following the promotions. Tourists looking for an active vacation can stay at Whakapapa Village . It is located on the South Island, on the west side of the active volcano, Mount Ruapehu. You can put up a tent here or park a motorhome (adults - $ 19 / day, children - $ 11 / day).

The pearl of the village is the hotel Chateau Tongariro , built in 1929. Whakapapa Village is a popular destination for skiers who are close to Whakapapa (over 30 ski runs). The winter season runs from July to September and special buses run to the routes during this time. There you will find ski schools, equipment rentals, cafes and a range of entertainment for children. In turn, in summer, tourists can hike in the Tongariro National Park, practice canoeing and rafting.

Beautiful, unspoiled, with lush vegetation, countless streams and waterfalls, New Zealand delights. Its only downside is that it is very far from Poland.

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