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During the holiday season, many people face the dilemma - holidays in Poland or maybe abroad? Holidays twice a year would be ideal - one in the country, the other in another corner of the world. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this comfort. That is why we present three examples of holiday travel destinations. You still have no plans for your vacation? Find inspiration for yourself.

You praise others - you do not know yours

Holidays in Poland are most often associated with a trip to the Baltic Sea or the Tatra Mountains. However, there are many more places worth getting to know each other better. Incredibly green Suwałki Region, which delights with the beauty of nature. Masuria, which is said to be best explored while traveling on water. Interesting and majestic Table Mountains. Secluded and sparsely populated Bieszczady. If you haven't been to one of these places - don't hesitate, get to know Poland! There are many ideas, depending on whether we want to actively rest, for example on kayaks or on a mountain trail, or whether we prefer to read a book in silence on a green glade. The main thing that we must take into account when planning a vacation in Poland is unfortunately the uncertain weather. For each travel scenario, you need to prepare a "plan B" in case our vacation date falls unexpectedly in the "rainy season".


At the end of the continent

If you like long journeys around Europe - Portugal will be the perfect destination. It is a country of sunshine, blue skies, unique climate and many valuable monuments. You certainly cannot get bored there. The most visited Portuguese city is still Lisbon. Narrow and steep streets, ubiquitous yellow trams, Fado coming from every pub and lots of amused people met at every step - these are the charms of one of the most famous districts of the Portuguese capital - Bairro Alto. Another point worth visiting is the Tower in the Belem district, located next to the historic port, from where Portuguese explorers set off. Being in Belem, you must be tempted by the national delicacy - pasteis de nata, preferably in the oldest restaurant in the area. These are just a few suggestions from the wide range of attractions that can be found in Lisbon. And when we get bored of the city, we can rent a car and set off on a journey along the ocean shore to the most westerly place in Europe - Cabo da Roca, where the ocean, sky and green cliffs create the perfect composition. The great advantage of this travel destination is definitely the weather - in the summer months, the average number of days with rainfall is only two!


Towards the sun

Sunny Spain is still a very popular holiday destination, with a rich offer of seaside resorts and a wonderful coast. One of the favorite cities visited by tourists from around the world, including Poles, is the cradle of Spanish football, the city of Gaudi's fabulous buildings, famous for the best city beaches in the world, the capital of Catalonia - Barcelona. In addition to many attractions for sports fans, such as Camp Nou, the Olympic town from 1992, or the Formula 1 track, there are many monuments inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them, it is worth mentioning the mysterious Park Güell from the end of the 19th century, designed by Gaudí, or the majestic, 115 m high basilica - Sagrada Familia, which is one of the tallest churches in the world. While in Barcelona, while walking along the famous Ramblas, it is worth taking a short detour to the bustling Mercat La Boqueria, where, in addition to buying food, you can experience extraordinary aesthetic impressions, admiring the blaze of colors and aromas of various spices, fruits and vegetables. Although Barcelona is one of the richest cities in the European Union, it is not difficult to find affordable accommodation there and cheap air connections from several cities in Poland.

It is worth adding that, in addition to the weather and affordable prices , holidays in Portugal or holidays in Spain have another huge plus - getting to know the new cuisine, culture and, above all, the open and optimistic mentality of Portuguese and Spanish people. However, regardless of whether we are going to rediscover Poland or go somewhere much further - the most important thing is to "take it easy" and just relax in the way we like best.

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