Holidays on the shores of Bracciano

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The fame of the Eternal City attracts thousands of tourists every year. Sometimes - especially on exceptionally hot summer days - the crowds pouring through the streets of Rome can tire so much that both the residents and visitors want to escape from it. In search of shade and refreshment, driven by the desire to avoid crowds, they reach about 40 km north of Rome, where the town bearing the same name lies on Lake Bracciano.

Rest by the lake


For its small size, Bracciano has a rich history. It is not fully known when and for what purpose it was established, according to one of the theories it was an ancient settlement on Via Clodia, a Roman road of great importance. It was probably also the point of defense of the nobility against the Saracens (10th century), and in the 14th century it passed into the hands of the church authorities. A century later, it became the refuge of Pope Sixtus IV, who fled Rome from the plague. Legend has it that the city's buildings, which we can admire today, are only a small fragment - the main part of Bracciano is hidden under the surface of the lake. Today, the town is an enclave of greenery and peace, attracting people looking for rest and relaxation. The lake on which it lies was born as a result of the merger of several extinct volcanoes. Its depth reaches 165 meters, and there are hot springs on its shores. It is surrounded by a lot of greenery - a regional nature park (Parco Naturale Regionale di Bracciano - Martignano) has been created around it. There are several holiday resorts by the lake: apart from the largest one, Bracciano (with a tourist area by the coast), there are also Trevignano Romano and Anguillara Sabazia. People who spend their holidays in Bracciano can go on excursions around the lake, get to know the mentioned towns and the beaches created nearby.

Visiting Bracciano

Bracciano-city tempts not only with lake water or monuments - it is eagerly visited by Italian and foreign stars. Several well-known couples were used as a place to take the marriage vow, and it was also a film location for several productions. It is a valued point on the itinerary of a trip around Italy for tourists who want to get to know the Mediterranean climate better and spend a holiday in the bosom of nature. If not all, then at least a few days. Apart from the lake, the most famous attraction of Bracciano is the castle - the symbol of the town. The Orsini-Odescalchi building in Piazza Mazzini is impressive for its size. The entrance is located deep inside the square, and the interior of the palace can be visited with a guide. From the castle terraces there is a beautiful view of the lake. The same applies to the towers - it is worth climbing them to see the wonderful landscapes of the town and the surrounding area. Inside the palace, we will see numerous works of art, fittings, sculptures and busts, as well as exhibitions from the Alsium and Caere Vetus excavations.

Camping near Rome

Camping Pini Family Park

People spending their holidays in Lazio do not have to limit themselves to the choice of attractions. They can visit points that occupy the leading places on the lists of tourist guides, such as Rome or Monte Cassino, and relax in a quiet corner surrounded by greenery. Ba! It is not a problem to combine both elements - rest in a quiet place located in a relatively short (especially for motorized people) distance from a large attraction. For example, when planning an overnight stay, you can book a stay at I Pini Family Park , a campsite eagerly chosen by families with children. We can get to Rome from there in approx. 45 minutes. There are large swimming pools for the little ones, where they can safely soak, while the parents relax on the sunbeds and watch the kids play. The campsite is located on a hill adjacent to Rome, which means that tourists who want to explore the interesting points of the Eternal City can quickly reach the desired place.

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