Magione - the heart of green Umbria

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Umbria is a beautiful and green Italian region known for its numerous lakes, forests and rich flora and fauna. The area was also made famous by Assisi, where St. Francis founded the Franciscan Order. However, the picturesque town of Magione is the heart of the district.

Lake Trasimeno , on which Magione lies, is a popular holiday destination, perfect for sunbathing, practicing water sports, as well as for sightseeing. Clear water, beautiful nature and traces of a turbulent past attract tourists every year.


One of the most important battles of the Second Punic War took place on Lake Trasimeno, while near Magione, on a hill, there is a majestic tower from the 12th century - Torre dei Lombardi . The most important monument in Magione is the Castle of the Knights of Malta , which has been the seat of the Benedictines since the 12th century. Additionally, in the old town, we can visit the Church of Our Lady of Graces from 1209.

Remarkable monuments and beautiful nature - the charms of Magione

While relaxing on Lake Trasimeno in the Umbria region, it is worth visiting the area, which is famous not only for its historic, historic towns, but also for the beautiful landscape.

You can choose your trip on foot, by bike, on the bicycle paths, or by car or even by bus. We will get to one of the two islands lying on the lake by ferry or pedalo.

One of the most important places to see near Magione is Castiglione del Lago . The town was built on a limestone promontory on the western side of the lake. It is worth visiting the extraordinary, monumental castle Rocca del Leone and admiring the area from the height of the thick, medieval walls.


Also, Todi cannot be overlooked. It is a charming town famous for its beautiful Renaissance churches: Santa Maria Della Consolazione and the cathedral in Piazza del Popolo. Lovers of ancient monuments should also visit a city older than Rome, the history of which begins as early as the 3rd century BC - Spoleto .

While relaxing in Umbria, you should definitely visit Assisi , famous mainly for the Basilica of St. Francis.

Camping Village Cerquestra

When you come to Magione, you can book a hotel or apartment in the town. However, if we want to relax close to nature, and at the same time value comfort, we should choose Camping Village Cerquestra .

The center is located in the Trasimeno Lake Park , which guarantees an extraordinary aesthetic experience and the opportunity to admire the beautiful surroundings. Using this campsite, you can relax among the monumental, shaded oaks and beautiful olive trees. It is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable holiday for the whole family.

On the campsite, we can use holiday homes or 30 plots , which are equipped with sanitary, water and electric connections. Washing machines and dryers are also available. The center provides a wide range of entertainment, including for children - e.g. a playground, a swimming pool with slides, a paddling pool 40 cm deep for children up to 3 years old and a water playground. Children can also use the playroom where activities are conducted by the animators.

Near the center there is a guarded bathing beach , and in the area you can enjoy canoeing, windsurfing and kitesurfing (there are also schools for these disciplines). It is possible to rent sailing boats, rowing boats or mountain bikes. On the campground we will find, among others football and volleyball field.


If you feel a little hungry, the fast-food bar will come to your aid. For dinner, we can go to a restaurant or a nearby pizzeria . There is a grocery store in Camping Village Cerquestra, where we can stock up on fresh bread and other products.

The resort offers many amenities, allows you to relax in a wonderful environment, and is also an ideal starting point for exploring the attractions of Magione and its surroundings.

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